How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep While Traveling

A survey commissioned by White Plains, New York-based Westin Hotels & Resorts found that 65% of people sleep fewer hours while traveling — whether for business or pleasure.

sleep traveling hotelTo make sure people are getting enough restorative rest, the hotel brand piloted a “Bedtime Call” in March and April.

Similar to a morning wake-up call, visitors can schedule a call to remind them when to wind down for the evening so that they get enough sleep. The call is based on when guests need to be up in the morning, guided by recommendations from the World Sleep Society.

The Westin New York at Times Square has been offering a bedtime call for a while after the hotel’s general manager noticed a need. “We had seen a trend in wake-up call requests coming in at times that make it impossible for guests to be getting the sleep that they really need,” says Sean Verney, general manager. “Our mission is to ensure that guests leave feeling better than when they arrived, even in ‘the city that never sleeps.’ And something as simple as a reminder call goes a long way.”

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