Bedding Industries of America Licensing Group Adds Van Vorst Bed

Bedding Industries of America, the licensor of the Eclipse International, Eastman House and Hemingway brands, now is licensor of the CB Van Vorst Mattress brand, in partnership with trademark holder Blue Ocean Sleep.

The latter is owned by industry veterans and brothers Jim and Mike Malkiewicz.

According to a news release, existing licensees of BIA, headquartered in North Brunswick, New Jersey, will be eligible to produce the Van Vorst brand, which dates to the late 19th century under the label, “Van Vorst Mattress Co. of America since 1888.”

The original Van Vorst company ceased manufacturing in 1982. New product built using the brand name will contain a proprietary spring unit, as well as Active Core, a German foam technology also owned by the Malkiewicz brothers.

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