Protect-A-Bed Raises Awareness About Allergies; New Pillow Reduces Neck Pain

Protect-A-Bed, a supplier of mattresses, protection products and sleep accessories, has teamed up with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America on a national campaign to draw attention to household allergens.

protect-a-bed zefiro memory foam

The Zefiro memory foam innerspring pillow from Protect-A-Bed, headquartered in Chicago, has received Ergocert certification for neck and spinal alignment.

The Chicago-based company also announced its Zefiro memory foam innerspring pillow has earned internationally recognized Ergocert certification for neck and spinal alignment.

Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip mattress and pillow encasements are effective solutions for reducing allergens lurking in the bed, the company said in a news release. AllerZip products completely wrap the mattress, box spring and pillows with a protective layer of waterproof Miracle Membrane, a flexible barrier that stops liquids, dander, mold, bedbugs and dust mites—a leading allergen trigger. Certified by the AAFA, AllerZip has been proven to reduce the number of allergens in the bed, the release said.

“According to a recent study by the Better Sleep Council (the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association), allergen control is now the third most important item when consumers assess mattress construction,” said James Bell, chief executive officer of Protect-A-Bed. “We know that no mattress is 100% allergy-free on its own. That’s why we’ve taken great care to design AllerZip to prevent allergens and pests from entering or exiting the mattress or pillows.”

The Zefiro pillow’s certification for neck and spinal alignment was conducted at the Ergocert Ergonomics Laboratory at Udine, Italy. To be certified, companies are required to show that products have less than a 20-degree misalignment between neck and spine in a supine (back sleeping) position and less than a 14-degree misalignment during side sleeping, Protect-A-Bed said in a news release.

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