Demand Products sells Italian foam-cutting line

Demand Products Inc., with headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia, has inked an agreement with Fema Italian Cutting Systems Srl to be the sole North American distributor of the Gravina, Italy-based company’s foam cutting and modeling equipment.

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Precision equipment Alpharetta, Georgia-based Demand Products Inc. sells and services Fema Italian Cutting Systems Srl equipment in North America, including the Giotto Evo, a horizontal cutting system for polyurethane foam that has both oscillating and circulating band knives.

Fema specializes in a range of computer numerical control cutting equipment for foams, fiber and textiles, including contour-cutting machines with continuous and oscillating blades, as well as foam-milling machines, band saws, foam convoluting equipment and carousels for production line foam cutting. Previously, Fema sold its products directly in the North American market.

Demand sells and services Fema’s entire line with a focus on the AVS automatic vertical cutter, Carousel automatic horizontal slitter, ComboLine vertical and horizontal CNC system, Giotto horizontal cutting systems, G Wire manual cutter, Michelangelo vertical CNC cutter and more.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with one of Europe’s premier engineering and manufacturing companies,” said Craig Barnaby, Demand company principal and vice president of sales and marketing. “(Fema’s) extensive line of foam-cutting equipment … is a great fit for a variety of opportunities in North America. Rather than just one or two machines, there are more options to consider. We look forward to working hand in hand with Fema to provide the best solutions for our customers’ needs.”

Demand is a 30-year-old company with offices in Georgia and California, specializing in sales and service of foam-cutting and foam-recycling equipment. It serves a range of industries, including the mattress and home furnishings sectors.

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