Adjustables—on the move and in ISPA statistics

The International Sleep Products Association has developed a new program to collect and publish aggregate statistics on motion foundations sold in the United States at wholesale.

statistics Currently, the statistics ISPA publishes on motion foundations is limited to units sold under mattress brand names. The new program will broaden the published data to cover all motion foundations, including those sold directly to retailers. ISPA hopes to report 2016 and 2017 comprehensive wholesale data (both for U.S.-produced and imported motion units) in the 2017 Mattress Industry Trends Report and similar data on a quarterly basis.

As with all aspects of ISPA’s statistics program, independent consultants collect and tabulate data from individual companies. To protect the confidentiality of the information, the consultants do not disclose individual data to ISPA staff or any other party (including competitors), and may only release aggregate sales data to ISPA. This system has worked well for the bedding industry and ISPA for more than 40 years, according to ISPA President Ryan Trainer.

If you produce and/or sell motion foundations and are not a part of the program, contact Brian Fraser at or 571-482-5449 to get more information and participate.

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