BekaertDeslee building new design center

BekaertDeslee design center in Waregem Belgium

Sleek and modern BekaertDeslee’s new innovation and design center is adjacent to company headquarters in Waregem, Belgium.

Textile and sewn covers supplier BekaertDeslee is building an innovation and design center across the street from its world headquarters in Waregem, Belgium. The center is expected to become operational by the middle of the year.

The building will house the creative and technological heart of the company, including a “pilot plant,” research and development, engineering, design, and marketing and communications, the company said in a news release.

The company’s current innovation and design center is located in Beselare, Belgium, and was the former DesleeClama design center. Bekaert Textiles acquired DesleeClama in 2016.

The company says the new building will be spacious and modern, and will allow for new synergies between the design team, the marketing team, and research and development.

The BekaertDeslee design center works closely with BekaertDeslee’s nine business units around the world, helping the company stay on top of the latest design trends and sleep technologies.

The pilot plant within the center develops weaving, knitting and finishing innovations. When a new product is approved for rollout, the plant works with all BekaertDeslee facilities to implement production. It is a fully integrated approach that supports a rapid rollout of innovations, quality control and on-site training for all business units, the company said.

The design center also is home to the BekaertDeslee Academy, where the company invites suppliers, customers, scientists, universities and research institutes to come in and co-create new products and services.

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