ISPA Issues Statement Supporting Administration’s Efforts to Address China’s Unfair Trade Practices

ISPA’s Executive Committee has issued the following statement regarding the Trump Administration’s proposal to impose a 10% tariff on hundreds of products imported from China:

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) represents manufacturers of mattresses and other sleep products and suppliers of components and services to the sleep products industry. Our companies support thousands of manufacturing and related jobs across the United States. ISPA promotes free but fair trade, which requires that countries respect globally recognized rules that govern international trade in goods and services.

We recognize that some of the United States’ trading partners engage in unfair trade practices, and that their governments support policies that harm the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers and their workers, and distort trade. ISPA supports the Administration’s efforts to require that all countries comply with our rules-based international trade system.

U.S. sleep products manufacturers invest heavily in research, technology and marketing to develop, manufacture and sell world class products in the United States and globally that provide consumers a safe and restful night’s sleep. Protecting their intellectual property rights and proprietary technologies is not only fair, but essential to the industry’s long-term sustainability.

The Administration has recently proposed a 10% tariff on hundreds of products imported from China, including finished mattresses, foundations and adjustable foundations, as well as fabrics, fibers and other components used in making mattresses. These tariffs are intended to help the United States obtain appropriate IP and technology protections for U.S. companies, including those in the sleep products sector. ISPA supports the Administration’s efforts to improve the terms under which the United States trades with China.

ISPA intends to file comments along these lines with the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

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