Marketing to Gen Z

Gen Z — those born between 1995 and 2012 — will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020, according to a May 15 article on Inc. If you haven’t already taken them into account when designing your marketing plans, clearly, you should.

marketing to gen z

To gain insight into this generation, Stamford, Connecticut-based MNI Targeted Media Inc. surveyed university students about their media consumption and then created five laws for marketing to Gen Z.

1. Keep your content platform specific.

Gen Z members expect different things from each social media platform. “They use Facebook to get general updates, Twitter for the latest news, Snapchat to share real-life moments and Instagram to showcase their aspirational selves,” Michelle Manafy wrote in the article. Tailor your messages in each platform to show you understand them.

2. Be authentic.

As a socio-politically conscious generation, Gen Z wants to make the world a better place and it is loyal to brands that take a stand on issues it cares about. But the position has to be genuine. “Brands must have a clear, steady point of view that doesn’t waiver based on circumstances or platforms,” Manafy said.

3. Let them create your content.

“Give them opportunities to create and share their own content around your brand,” she said. “Allowing Gen Z to post what they want to, how they want to, will better that authenticity in No. 2.”

4. Don’t forget the price.

As children raised during the Great Recession, they saw their parents struggle. In the MNI survey, 72% said cost is the most important factor when buying a product.

5. Bring digital in the real world.

Gen Zers don’t separate digital from physical. While 60% prefer to go to a physical store, 75% check a store’s app while in the building. “Consider adding new features like AR (augmented reality) into your app to bridge both worlds,” Manafy wrote.