How Can ISPA Members Help Solve COVID-19 Supply Problems?

The mattress industry once again is demonstrating its generosity and creativity as individual companies mobilize their manufacturing capabilities to help deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

Over the weekend, our staff has spoken with several ISPA members that are using their manufacturing resources to help meet some of the supply challenges that U.S. hospitals and others are experiencing with critical shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition to making hospital beds and other mattresses, some members are converting their sewing operations to make safety masks. Others are exploring how to make isolation gowns, surgical masks, privacy curtains, disinfecting wipes, shoe covers, filters and other safety and protective supplies.

To help facilitate that process, ISPA will provide information and resources that members can use to match their capabilities to current needs, and to help them navigate the evolving federal, state and local restrictions that could affect their ability to make and deliver needed supplies.

ISPA is creating a new page on our website called “ISPA COVID-19 Member Resources.” For starters, this web page will include these resources:

  • A form that the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has developed with the White House to identify and match urgent needs with manufacturers’ capacity to produce and distribute supplies. This can be a starting point for ISPA members interested in manufacturing some of the needed products.
  • NAM has also created a State Restriction Snapshot Tracker, which summarizes how federal, state and local governments are responding to the crisis in terms of “shelter-in-place” orders and other restrictions. NAM will update its Tracker as the situation changes, so consult this tool to learn how these restrictions might affect your ability to make and ship goods. When available, the Tracker also provides information on who to contact for more information.
  • The Emergency Care Research Institute, a non-profit organization that conducts independent medical device evaluations has prepared the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supply Equivalents, which identifies best matches for a number of PPE products, including exam gloves, disinfecting wipes, isolation gowns, IV solutions, N95 air purifying respirators, shoe covers, and surgical masks, based on key performance indicators (KPIs) and functional equivalence. This resource might be useful as ISPA members evaluate their capabilities to make different products.
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that his state is offering funding to companies that can supply gloves, gowns and masks that are in short supply. Interested companies may call 212-803-3100.

The ISPA Covid-19 Member Resources page is in development.

ISPA wants to know about your successes and challenges in supplying these critical needs. Let us know if you encounter government regulatory problems where ISPA might be able to help, or if you have other ideas on how ISPA can help your company advance the mattress industry’s ability to do its part. Please send your feedback to Grant Johnson at 571-635-6302.

And please send us your stories (, social media posts and other ways we can share your efforts and successes.

Once Congress enacts the COVID-19 relief legislation currently being considered, we will post information on our resources page to help ISPA members understand what that law means for you and your company.

Stay well!

Ryan Trainer

ISPA President

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