Walk and Talk

two people walking and talking

Are your brainstorms fizzling into brain drizzles? Or worse, brain droughts?

Tech company Thrive Global, headquartered in New York, has a possible solution for you — schedule a “walking meeting,” which is just like any other meeting, except that you’re walking in the great outdoors as you meet, rather than sitting in an uninspiring conference room.

“Sometimes a little bit of movement and a change of scenery is exactly what we need to refresh our perspective and reignite our creative problem-solving savvy,” Mallory Stratton, Thrive Global associate editor, wrote in a Feb. 17 online article. “Scheduling a walking meeting exposes you to new environmental stimuli outside your usual working setup that can help recontextualize the problem you’ve been grappling with and may just spark the new idea or insight you need to move a project forward.”

Does it work? Yes, according to a study cited in the Harvard Business Review. The study found that teams that implement walking meetings are 8.5% more likely to be “highly engaged with their work” and 5% more likely to feel more creative, not to mention the physical benefits and stress relief that can be gained from a 30-minute walk in the middle of the workday.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to stepping!

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