Customatic Giving Adjustable Bases and Masks to Hospitals

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According to an April 9 news release, Customatic Technologies, an international distributor of adjustable bases and specialty sleep products, is providing medical-grade face masks as well as adjustable bases to healthcare facilities.

Phil Sherman, president of the Natick, Massachusetts-based company, said Customatic distributed more than 1,000 medical masks to Long Island Community Hospital, North Shore University Hospital and Syosset Hospital in New York, and Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara, California. Another 1,000 masks were scheduled to be delivered to New York hospitals within the week.

The company also is working with local officials and healthcare facilities in the New York metropolitan area to coordinate the donation of 100 adjustable beds to facilities, and another 100 adjustable beds to needy individuals quarantined at home.

“We feel it’s important to do our part in response to the pandemic, and that begins with accessing what we have on hand and through our global resources in an effort to help our neighbors and friends remain safe and comfortable as we all get through this together,” Sherman said.

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