News release: Jomel Seams Reasonable Sewing Face Masks

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Hillside, N.J., cut-and-sew manufacturer has begun producing face masks and hospital mattress covers

HILLSIDE, New Jersey – March 31, 2020 – Jomel Seams Reasonable, LLC has halted its normal production to begin sewing facemasks for healthcare professionals, amidst the shortage of these PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) and hospital beds due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.  Jomel Seams Reasonable, LLC employs over one-hundred people throughout their three plants in Hillside, NJ, Burkesville, KY and Jamestown, KY.

Jomel employee at the company’s facility in Hillside, New Jersey, sews a hospital bed cover.

The cut and sew manufacturer was focused in the mattress and furniture industry and specializes in smooth top and quilted zippered covers. Jomel Seams Reasonable is now involved with a consortium of sewing factories contracted by FEMA, creating facemasks for healthcare, as well as producing tier 2 and 3 (not intended for First Responder use) facemasks for sale and donation to local organizations, healthcare facilities, and the general public. Additionally, they are producing mattress covers for hospital and triage facility mattresses. 

When asked for comment, CEO of Jomel Seams Reasonable, LLC, Phil Iuliano said, “We’re pleased to be a part of  manufacturing products that are in such dire demand at this unprecedented time in our lives. We employ so many qualified sewing operators who are grateful and proud to be contributing their skills, helping to protect our healthcare professionals, our communities and the public at large. We are excited by the privilege to continue to follow our philanthropic mission: to help serve our country, communities, and those who may need assistance globally.”

With U.S. Coronavirus COVID-19 cases and deaths continuing to rise exponentially each day, demand for PPE’s, including face masks, are at an all-time high. Jomel Seams Reasonable, LLC is part of a consortium, which also includes Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, formed last week to manufacture cotton face masks according to FDA standards for a FEMA contract. Together, the group plans to produce five to six million cotton masks each week for health care workers.


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