Wright’s Exclusive Flocked Labels Add Color and Dimension

Touchable product labels that pair a colorful background fabric with lofty, flocked lettering help make mattresses stand out on the sales floor, says Wright Global Graphics.

Wright Global Graphics, a printing, branding and marketing solutions provider based in Thomasville, North Carolina, now is the sole distributor to the mattress industry of patented, dimensional graphics from FiberLok Technologies Inc., with headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

The partnership broadens Wright’s offerings of nonembroidered, flocked labels that can be combined with digitally printed images, “allowing us to bring even more creativity to mattress branding solutions,” said Vicki Fishman, Wright vice president of marketing.  

Wright offers four new products as a result of its FiberLok partnership. These include Lextra flocked dimensional graphics; Lextra 3D, which uses a fabric background in a contrasting color; Lextra 4D, adding a digitally printed image to the label; and economical ColorCrest, a single-color flocked label in a choice of hues. 

Don Wright, chair and chief strategy officer, said: “We are pleased to offer yet another great branding solution to the mattress industry. FiberLok’s products have been featured at major sporting events and on global brand apparel, worldwide delivery company uniforms, top-tier police outerwear and leading entertainment costumes. By utilizing its extensive experience in apparel, we will be able to offer our customers limitless color design options, as well as unique dimensional branding products for mattress design.”

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