New Shifman Website Helps Shoppers Find Their “Dream Match”

New Shifman Mattresses website homepage

Shifman Mattresses launched a new website designed to enhance business for its retailers. Website visitors to receive specific recommendations for mattresses sold at retailers in their area. Recommendations are based on shoppers’ answers to an eight-question Dream Match quiz.

The site has a new look, too, in addition to providing an overall user-friendly, streamlined shopping experience. It includes more comprehensive FAQs, product care information, health and wellness articles and customer reviews.

There also is a retailer portal with information and materials accessible by individual role —store owner, manager, buyer, sales associate or marketing personnel.

“Our primary goal when we embarked on developing a new website was to support store traffic and sales at our distinguished retailers,” said Bill Hammer, president of the Newark, New Jersey-based company. “Sounds simple, but it took months to wipe the slate clean and to create the right tools to better serve our retailers and their customers equally.”

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