It’s Better Sleep Month!

Join the Better Sleep Council this month to celebrate Better Sleep Month, which raises awareness about the importance of sleeping on a quality mattress for a healthy, productive life. To recognize Better Sleep Month, the BSC, the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, is publishing its third edition of “The State of America’s Sleep” survey in mid-May to provide the bedding industry with insights into how its people sleep and what influences a good night’s rest. 

In addition, the BSC highlights spokeswomen Lissa Coffey and Terry Cralle.  A lifestyle, relationship and wellness expert, Coffey frequently writes for ISPA publications. You can find her articles in Sleep Savvy and read her at the BSC blog. She provides insight on natural ways to improve sleep health and overall health.

Terry Cralle, a board-certified, registered nurse specializing in respiratory and sleep disorders, represents the BSC in the media. Whether in print, on radio or on TV, she provides consumers with top-tier information on issues related to sleep health. 

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