Malouf Launches New Pillow Packaging

Malouf’s redone pillow packaging is designed to capture
consumer attention with a focus on unique features. 

Sleep products and accessories supplier Malouf, based in Logan, Utah, is rolling out fresh pillow packaging with messaging designed to connect with customers. 

The new style is designed to have a high-end feel and capture customer attention with a focus on each pillow’s unique feature or selling point. 

Olivia Godfrey, lead graphic designer for Malouf, said: “We created an easily scannable system that visually showcases each pillow’s key benefits, making the package a better silent salesperson. The new bold product names use title case for improved legibility. An updated back panel introduces more content hierarchy, making it easy for customers to identify what makes that pillow unique. Customers also now can find content about Malouf’s B Corp status and charitable giving, which a purchase helps support.”

Malouf consistently has won design awards and gained recognition for its packaging, according to Eric Holmstead, director of sales. He said: “We’ve always led the industry in packaging presentation — it’s something Sam and Kacie Malouf focused on since the beginning. These improvements to our pillow packaging continue to enhance the merchandising on our partners’ shelves.”

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