Kingsdown to Launch Re-engineered Sleep Smart Mattress at Las Vegas Market

News release – MEBANE, N.C. – Leading luxury bedding manufacturer, Kingsdown, will debut its re-engineered, domestically sourced Sleep Smart® mattress at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market. The new design focuses on customized support through the company’s unique 3×2-zone air chamber technology and a new simplified app.

Unlike other adjustable mattresses on the market, Sleep Smart® features three reinforced air chamber support zones on each side allowing for individualized comfort preferences. The lumbar support zone can be independently controlled by each sleeper to maximize postural support in the lower back area. To enhance support even further, the mattress includes a complete edge-to-edge sleep surface with high-density foam on all sides.

The specialty foam layer with cooling gel conforms to the body while dispersing body heat and relieving pressure points to enhance comfort and support. The performance fabric cover also regulates temperature, wicking away moisture and heat to keep the mattress cool and comfortable throughout the night. The Sleep Smart® will retail for $2,199 in queen.

“The new Sleep Smart® is designed for consumer interested in performance. If they track their exercise, monitor their health and diet, they should be as vigilant about their sleep performance,” said Frank Hood, president and chief executive officer of Kingsdown. “The 3×2–zone air chamber technology allows consumers to adjust their mattress to their exact sleep preferences. We even took it a step further and updated our mobile app by taking out all the unnecessary ‘bells and whistles’ and simplified it to focus on one thing – providing a better, more supportive night’s sleep.”

Kingsdown has also designed a silent air pump that is built into the mattress, which eliminates the noise commonly heard when using an adjustable mattress. To enhance accessibility for all consumers, the new Sleep Smart® is ‘plug and play,’ meaning there is no installation needed, the consumer simply plugs in the mattress and can utilize its features right away.

The new model will no longer be controlled by a wired remote, but instead be fully adjustable through the new Wi-Fi based Kingsdown Sleep Smart® App. The iOS and Android app has been redesigned to streamline the adjustment process while also allowing several users to connect to mattress at one time. This feature lets co-sleepers adjust their side of the bed through their personal device eliminating the need to disturb their partner. In addition, for retailers the new Wi-Fi capability allows multiple sales representatives to connect to the mattress while on the sales floor to demonstrate the Sleep Smart®’s capabilities to interested customers. 

To experience the re-engineered Sleep Smart®, visit Kingsdown’s Las Vegas Market showroom C-1588.

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