ISPA Launches New Statistics Report

The Bedding Optimism Index will uncover what industry members think about business conditions

Do you wonder about the mood of the bedding industry — especially during unexpected seasons? The International Sleep Products Association is introducing a Bedding Optimism Index, which will regularly survey members of the industry about whether they think business conditions in the bedding market are improving, staying the same or declining.

ISPA urges all companies that assemble mattresses (including foamers and others that manufacture finished mattresses) to visit to indicate their interest in participating in ISPA’s brief, easy-to-use survey. It should take only 2 minutes to complete.

Results will be available to all ISPA members and survey participants. Vault Consulting, a third-party data firm working for ISPA, will email a link to the electronic survey form to those who have expressed interest in participating. Vault will tabulate the survey results while protecting the confidentiality of your individual answers. Participants in the first survey will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card.

“I have a personal commitment to improving and expanding ISPA’s statistics program,” said Ryan Trainer, ISPA president. “To make this new index a success, I hope that you will please sign up today to participate in this important ISPA survey.”

If you have questions, email

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