Diamond Mattress highlights gel technology for sleep comfort, luxury

Omnichannel mattress producer introduces gel grid mattress to give retailers competitive edge with a gel tech product priced to move

Las Vegas Market News Release

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, Calif. (July 11, 2022) – Diamond Mattress, an 80-year-old manufacturer with disruptor energy and reputation, is launching a new gel grid mattress at the upcoming Las Vegas Summer Market to give retailers a competitive edge with gel technology priced to move.

From the new Diamond Mattress showroom B-975, Gel Grid by Diamond debuts with two ready-to-floor models priced competitively to generate interest and drive traffic. Retailers can also customize the gel grid mattress to fit their merchandising strategy.

“Diamond has always been about adding value and giving retailers the best margins possible in any innovation we bring to market. Gel Grid by Diamond enables the retailer to compete with something new and unique for their brand, and it reinforces Diamond’s commitment to growth for our retail partners,” said CEO Shaun Pennington.

Gel Grid by Diamond solves two of the most common issues that disrupt sleep — sleeping hot and pressure points that cause tossing and turning. The combination of cooling gel material and grid design provide key benefits to promote all-night comfort for rejuvenating rest.

The gel grid design offers soft and firm support and allows for multi-directional movement. That means it adjusts to the sleeper to provide more or less support where needed as the sleeper moves during the night. The bed consists of hundreds of grids that can shift in different directions, a design that enables excellent motion isolation. Gel Grid by Diamond also features an open cell design for airflow to prevent hot spots during sleep and aids in maintaining an even temperature throughout the night.

Diamond Mattress will showcase this new mattress and more in its new showroom located in B-975 at the Las Vegas Market, July 24-28.


About Diamond Mattress:

Diamond Mattress is a Top 20 U.S. mattress manufacturer and leading omnichannel sleep wellness brand with a tradition of product and manufacturing innovation. The privately held, fourth-generation company is committed to superior service with a focus on custom solutions of high quality and value while promoting the importance of sleep and its impact on personal wellness.

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