Furniture Industry Builds 3D Strategy Using Live Furnish

As the evolving marketplace pushes manufacturers to find ways to improve speed to market and create engaging content, 3D imaging provider Live Furnish has been well-positioned to help them, reporting above 500% growth during the past two years.

Live Furnish technology creates interactive 3D photography for photorealistic images

Launched in 2018 to the home furnishings industry, Live Furnish is an easy-to-use 3D content platform that allows companies to create high-quality 3D photo-realistic products, indoor/outdoor scenes, videos and virtual showrooms, according to the news release.

Clients include bedding manufacturers Englander, Nectar and Diamond Mattress, as well as

producers and retailers such as Richloom, Harbor Classics and The Great American Home Store.

“There is an insatiable appetite for content, and Live Furnish meets the demand with tools that companies can use to prototype, sell and market products faster, at lower cost compared to traditional photography, and more sustainably,” said Preet Singh, founder and chief executive officer.

He said he believes the company’s rapid growth comes from offering a solution designed to be self-serve, allowing someone with no experience to learn it quickly.

“We’re democratizing 3D for the industry because it no longer requires a four-year 3D technical education to produce a high-quality 3D rendering,” Singh said. “Marketers, product leaders, photographers and retailers all can use the technology without extensive 3D training.”

The Great American Home Store, a Live Furnish client, has five retail locations in Mississippi and Tennessee. E-commerce manager Justin Bowen said the store’s small staff has learned to use the platform successfully, adding “We saw product views increase an average 62% and as high as 350%, leading to an average sales increase of 46% for items using Live Furnish 3D images.”

In four years, Live Furnish has helped more than 150 leading retailers and manufacturers across multiple categories, from upholstery to case goods, mattresses to lighting, and home accents to flooring. The company estimates cost savings for their clients of up to 70% in creating 3D photorealistic images over studio photography; about 80% savings in studio production time; and a conversion rate of nearly 50%.

“In a recent case study, a furniture manufacturing client reduced physical samples by 42% after starting with Live Furnish,” Singh said. “Physical prototypes were reduced by 21%. The sales cycle was shortened allowing them to get to market 22% faster than before.”

The Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based company has raised more than $7.5 million, backed by several top U.S. investors including Venture South, Launch, CEAS Investments, Mercato Partners and Parkwest LLC. Currently, the company has 15 employees in sales, marketing and operations based in North Carolina, a small group of representatives in Canada and Europe, and a team of 65 in India including engineers.

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