Reverie Reduces Carbon Footprint and Decreases Transportation Costs

Adjustable base supplier Reverie, based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, aims to minimize the carbon footprint of its products, while also improving supply-chain reliability and transportation costs for customers.

“We have made environmental stewardship a must in our innovation process,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, chief executive officer and chief innovation officer. “For too many years, power base innovations have disregarded the negative impact on carbon footprint and the world environment, and we are committed to change that for the entire industry.”

Several Reverie adjustable bases have been redesigned to achieve decreased carbon footprint with better features and functionality. Building on weight and packaging improvements made in 2021, Reverie’s new head-up-only base is now lighter and capable of fitting into a UPS small package box without sacrificing quality and ease of setup. Reverie has also achieved a 20% reduction in the transportation carbon footprint.

“With the only queen power base that can ship UPS small-package and be set up in a few minutes with no tools, Reverie is leading the way in reducing shipping surcharges for retailers and brands, and improving the experience for the end consumer,” said John Wanat, vice president of sales. “These lighter, easier-to-carry bases reduce carbon footprint, costs and the hassle of needing in-home delivery.”

Premium adjustable power bases such as the new low-profile Reverie R310 and R410 also have improved carbon footprint profiles with added features. By applying its engineering know-how to flat foundations, Reverie has developed a new line of innovative flat foundations — Reverie EZ Flex and Reverie EZ Fold — that are lighter, stronger, easier to set up, and more carbon-footprint friendly than traditional flat foundations, according to the news release.

An ancillary advantage of Reverie’s carbon footprint reduction strategy is that it has significantly reduced transportation and storage costs. “In a world where containers, trailers, and warehouse space are expensive and in low supply, we have found ways to increase our shipping and storage efficiency by 50% to 100%, depending on product type, to help reduce transportation costs and hassle,” said Paul Kulniszewski, director of quality and manufacturing.

Reverie’s commitment to carbon footprint reduction and sustainability will continue to manifest in 2023 product rollouts as well as reduction targets, objectives and certifications to be announced to partners and online in the coming months.

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