Trend Talk: 2022 and Beyond

At the spring ISPA EXPO, BekaertDeslee hosted a Trend Talk with Warren Satchell, consultant and director with WGSN, a global trend forecasting company. Check out what WGSN predicts is next in the world of trends, some of which might translate to the bedding industry. (Regardless, they are thought-provoking.)

Warren Satchell, consultant and director with global trend forecasting company WGSN, shares the top trends for 2022 in the BekaertDeslee booth at ISPA EXPO 2022.

Tufted textures

Mass retailers are introducing this look in cushions and rugs. It’s a global trend, covering every part of the home from the bathroom floor to living room armchairs and the dining room wall. 

Indoor Trees

Many hotels and indoor spaces now feature mature trees in their atriums, and as a result, consumers will be inspired to create their own conservatories at home.


Hospitality is exploring bespoke scents, and in the home, consumers are aware that scents are clean and calming. They know the importance of fragrance to create sanctuary.

The side-hustle bedroom

Thanks to an entrepreneurial mindset, the bedroom takes on layers of activities from film studios to warehouse and shipment facilities. (Satchell confirms the mattress will still be a part of this multifunctional bedroom.) 

Digital cozy

It’s all about the emergence of the digital interior and ambient rooms. Remember the fireplace that everyone was “burning” from their TV over the Christmas holiday? This is exactly that.

Workspace decentralization

any companies plan to consolidate space and invest in decentralized locations. The focus is going to be on less, but better. So, less physical space but better design.

Crypto rewards

The retail landscape is becoming more fragmented, and customer loyalty is harder than ever to win, especially among Gen Z. Enter crypto rewards: It bridges the gap between traditional loyalty systems and the cryptocurrency market. 

The physical metaverse

This connects the physical to the virtual. As the metaverse matures, it will create alternative opportunities for retailers. The meta economy will unlock product possibilities, commerce capabilities and distribution channels. As consumers rely on e-commerce, physical stores will become more experiential, with new tech helping to merge both channels, the physical and the digital.

Direct-to-avatar e-commerce

It’s a retail model that will create new opportunities for brands entering the metaverse. It’s about designing and selling items that don’t necessarily exist in the real world. This allows users to create and customize their virtual identities. (A new mattress for your avatar, anyone?)

Satchell sums it up: “Comfort is key. Our new normal continues to drive the demand for products and services and experiences that provide comfort. And it’s not comfort just in the cozy sense, but it’s in the reassuring, psychological sense. Now is the time to think about color, texture and form in conjunction with durability, function and practicality.” •

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