2022 Summer Las Vegas Market Wrap-Up

Managing Editor, Waynette Goodson shares her finds from the 2022 Summer Las Vegas Market. We’re talking luxury, value, wellness and technology. Tune in to see if this LVM met expectations.


Waynette Goodson
It’s Waynette Goodson and I’m your managing editor of Bedtimes and Sleep Savvy Magazines. I’m here today to take you through our Las Vegas market wrap-up. There were common themes and words that we heard in every showroom that we want to tell you about. The first word, luxury, as we know in this market downturn, luxury is a sector that does really well because of its exposure to high-income level consumers.

So luxury is very insulated at this time. A lot of manufacturers are looking for a luxury offering at Kluft. They are firmly staying in their luxury lane. I fell in love with their Airloom night stars line, particularly the dramatic black border with gold lamé fans that recall the art deco period. Just very high Hollywood glamor and luxury.

Now, conversely to luxury, the next word is value. So many manufacturers looking to have a value offering now with consumers feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store. So when we stopped by Restonic and we talked with Laurie Tokarz, they are now offering the Waldorf collection and she described that as a shockingly shocking value.

But it has a lot of nice bells and whistles, too. You’ve got PCM in the fabric, gel memory foam and 800 individually wrapped coils. Now, so one luxury, then value. Next manufacturers are honing in on existing successful collections and expanding them. So we talked with Gerry Borreggine at Therapedic and he says his new immunity line has been so well received by consumers that they’re going to do a deeper dive into the line and may have some more models coming out in the future.

And that also addresses another big theme in bedding. Now, wellness, because immunity is said to boost the immunity of the sleeper. So more to come in the future. Speaking of the future, hey, high tech is still going strong. We stopped by Ergomotion. They have a new line called Ergo Sportive. So it’s the adjustable mattress, the 24/7 health data recording and anti-snore.

But it also connects with your Garmin smartwatch for even more sleep health monitoring. Finally, how about increasing the total ticket value at the register? We all love the sounds of that. We’re talking impulse buys. At Rize we found that their sleep essentials line is still hot, hot, hot. That’s everything from essential oils and sleep masks to soothing candles and aroma diffusers.

Then at Malouf, they introduced a new essential sleep bundle. It’s all in a box. It’s two roles packed down pillows, a microfiber sheet set, and a mattress protector. It’s everything the consumer needs for a great night’s sleep, especially after they’ve just bought a brand-spanking new mattress. Okay, folks, that’s your Las Vegas wrap-up. Please keep tuning in because in just a minute will be at the October High Point Market shooting more videos to take you there. And we just hope you have a great night’s sleep.

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