ISPA Releases Results of August Optimism Index

The results of the August International Sleep Products Association Bedding Industry Optimism Index showed a negative outlook — but a more positive view than in July. And producers were generally more optimistic both in the short- and in the medium-term.

The survey asked mattress producers if their businesses experienced no change, a decrease or an increase about several business metrics.

After tabulating responses, ISPA calculated an index that can range from 0 to 200. Scores more than 100 indicate participants, on average, expect an increase or improvement. Less than 100 indicate a decrease.

Turning to this month’s Index, although industry sentiment in the short term improved somewhat over July, expectations about where the bedding industry will be six months from now are substantially more optimistic. 

In general, participants were more optimistic about future orders (92) and units produced (83) in August than July (82 and 55, respectively), but still below the 100 level. Wholesale pricing optimism increased to over 100 to 117, better than last month (100), but 28 points lower than we reported in June.

Overall, participants were trending more positive on the average employee workweek (92 in August versus 73 in July).

Looking ahead to the next six months, participants were significantly more positive than July, with the Index more than doubling for units produced (125 versus 55) and future orders (125 versus 45) and rising by a large amount for the average employee workweek (108 versus 73). 

Respondents’ outlook for average wholesale mattress prices six months from now, however, was markedly down, with the index falling nearly 50% to 67.

When asked about expectations for general business conditions currently and six months from now, participants’ sentiments also have generally improved.

The Index improved somewhat on whether respondents’ outlook changed in the past month (83 in August versus 64 in July) and were significantly more positive on the current level of general business activity (83 versus 27).

The results more than doubled when participants answered the same questions over the next six months, with the Index increasing above the 100 level for both their company’s six-month outlook (125 versus 64 in July) and for general level of business activity (108 versus 55 in July).  For full details regarding the May Index results, please click here.

To get more information or to participate in a future survey, contact Mary Helen Rogers, ISPA vice president of communications and marketing, at

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