Chattam & Wells Boutique Opens in Metro Mattress in Greenwich Market

A first-of-its-kind Chattam & Wells boutique will perch inside Metro Mattress, one of the largest sleep retailers in the country now entering the Connecticut market.

Located in Greenwich, one of the nation’s most affluent areas, the boutique is located on the second floor of the Metro Mattress Putnam Avenue location known as “Designer’s Row.” It’s just down the block from an ultra-premium Duxiana shop, a Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams store, and an exotic car dealership.

The upscale 2,500-square-foot retail concept features wood floors, a neutral color palette and a red carpet to showcase the high-end line encompassing seven mattresses. The new space was inspired by the design of the Chattam & Wells environment in Spring Air’s Las Vegas showroom.

Taking design cues from the furniture side of the business, the Chattam & Wells brand was revamped and reintroduced earlier this year. With a signature cotton velvet sourced from one of the finest upholstery mills and a Chesterfield pattern inspired by a major home furnishings specialty retailer, the Chattam & Wells line includes layers of custom silk damask, cashmere, Talalay latex and horse tail fibers for supreme softness. The Chattam & Wells mark, a crown, is incorporated into the panel with subtle tone-on-tone stitching. Mattresses retail from $2,499 to $6,999 in queen.

Dr. William Spudis, president and chief executive officer of the 54-store, family-owned bedding chain, said that he plans to open other Chattam & Wells–only sleep shops in the future. “We’re eyeing affluent communities throughout the Northeast to showcase this luxury brand,” Spudis said.

“The luxury consumer buys into craftsmanship, raw materials and high quality,” he added. “I believe there is value to be found at every price point, and in the ultra-premium space that we’re playing in, we offer a better mattress than any other luxury brands out there.”

Spudis plans to use the Greenwich location to develop relationships with interior designers and decorators in the area and has begun the formation of a design coalition, starting outreach with wine and cheese parties in the store to introduce them to the brand.

“We are very excited about what Bill and his team at Metro have created with the Chattam & Wells boutique” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air International, based in Woburn, Massachusetts. “I believe they have truly captured the essence of the brand and they have brought this concept into their other retail locations and have been selling our luxury line at an incredible pace.

“Affluent consumers in this market rarely do their own shopping; they trust designers to do it for them, so developing these relationships is crucial,” Bates continued. “We romance the entire purchase experience, from the right merchandising to storytelling the tangible differences of the line.”

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