Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep Earn GreenGuard Gold Certification

Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep have received GreenGuard Gold Certifications across their mattress lineups. This certification proves that these sleep products meet some of the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards, helping to support healthier environments and reduce the risk of chemical exposure.

The UL GreenGuard Gold Certification program follows stringent testing guidelines for total volatile organic compounds (VOCs), an important consideration for the health of children, the elderly and other vulnerable populations. Additionally, this certification validates that Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep’s mattresses emit fewer chemicals that could cause health concerns such as asthma, itchy runny eyes and headaches.

“Becoming GreenGuard Gold Certified is another exciting milestone for Brooklyn Bedding as we continue our mission to create the healthiest sleep products on the market,” said John Merwin, chief executive officer of Brooklyn Bedding, based in Phoenix. “Our customers’ comfort and wellness are always top-of-mind, and its certifications like GreenGuard Gold that represent our continued effort to build the safest bedding possible. We are proud to have earned this certification across all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses and look forward to helping create healthier living spaces for our customers.”

To earn GreenGuard Gold Certification, every mattress in the Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep portfolio was tested for emissions of over 350 VOCs. This testing was conducted in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environmental chamber, allowing UL Solutions to measure each mattress’s chemical emissions.

The certification covers every mattress sold by Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep including their niche brands RV Mattress, DreamFoam, Plank and Titan. Helix’s organic line, Birch, has previously received the certification along with the recently acquired DTC mattress brand, Bear Mattress.

“The health and well-being of our customers is our number one priority at Helix Sleep,” said Adam Tishman, co-founder of Helix, based in New York. “Receiving the GreenGuard Gold Certification across our entire lineup of mattresses proves our commitment to creating clean and healthy products that align with health-based criteria. We want our customers to shop Helix products confidently, with the assurance that we have designed a safe product and in turn, a healthy environment.”

The certification comes at an opportune time, when consumers are looking for products that contribute to healthier environments, and retailers are seeking GreenGuard Certified products to appeal to health-conscious customers, according to Doug Lockard, vice president and general manager of the retail and consumer products group at UL Solutions.

“By receiving GreenGuard Gold Certifications for Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep mattresses, the company has positioned itself as a business that manufactures healthier bedding products,” Lockard said. “The number of GreenGuard Certified products has grown to include more than 67,000 products in 20 different product categories, and Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep are examples of the growing trend of companies looking for GreenGuard Certification.”

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