A Joint Endeavor

As an editor, it’s gratifying to read through a completed issue and see unexpected themes arise. This month, I was pleasantly surprised by a throughline of community and collaboration.

Group of people United Hands to built teamwork together with Spirit - teamwork concepts.

Take the Rize Home profile. I was delighted to learn how this merger of two competitors — Rize and Glideaway — came about. While these manufacturers had toyed with the idea of a merger years ago, it took the early days of Covid-19 to make them realize they would be better together. Please read Dave Perry’s profile for the full story. It’s a good one. 

The beauty of working for a trade association is that we are rooting for the success of the industry as a whole. Sometimes that means addressing issues that have an impact on everyone, such as FR regulations or mattress recycling. 

The Mattress Recycling Council’s Workgroup on Circular Design is a fine example of bringing industry members together to focus on a problem. In this case, the problem is the difficulty of separating mattress layers so that the components can be recycled into profitable goods. Many times, the adhesives on mattress layers prevent them from being recycled. And, wonderfully, several adhesive suppliers met as part of the workgroup to see how they can design products that will minimize this problem in the future. Many are already designing new glues with an eye toward sustainability. Read the whole adhesives feature.

Then there’s the Better Sleep Council research. Every few years, the BSC surveys consumers to see how their attitudes on sleep, health and mattress buying change. It’s such helpful information for everyone in the bedding industry. Based on this research, we know the mattress replacement cycle is dropping, and hybrid and foam mattresses are gaining market share. Last month, we shared which consumers would be willing to pay more for sustainable and sustainably-made products. (If you missed it, visit BedTimesMagazine.com and search for BSC or click on January’s digital edition.) This information has the potential to help manufacturers and marketers as they plan and pitch new products. Be on the lookout for more survey data next month. 

Also, the ISPA Industry Conference is almost here and it’s a fantastic way to connect with others in the bedding community. From moments on the golf course to women in the industry gathering at a networking reception to the awards dinner to honor those who have served the industry well, it really is a time to enjoy one another as part of this group. Register for this March 15-16 event at ISPAIndustryConference.com.

Here’s to our community. May we continue to work well together.

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