Corsicana’s Head of Operations Moves Company Forward in 2023

Throughout 2022, Mark Jannke, senior vice president of operations and product development at Corsicana Mattress, led a major overhaul of plants and products.

Mark Jannke
Mark Jannke

His mission: Maximize value across the Irving, Texas-based organization to improve total customer experience and prepare the company for 2023 and beyond.

First, Jannke narrowed the number of suppliers, with an emphasis on working with domestic companies. “At one point during the supply chain disruption we were purchasing from seven different spring manufacturers,” Jannke said. “We’re down to two now.

“That has allowed us to set standards for the raw materials we buy across the board, whether it’s foam, innersprings or fabrics,” he continued. “And that means wehold our suppliers accountable in terms of their product quality and on-time delivery, resulting in huge benefits for our customers.”

Streamlining raw materials suppliers allowed the product development team to work more closely with the suppliers to search for new innovative designs, Jannke said.

In addition, right-sizing and updating facilities across the country created consistency in process. The company made major investments in new equipment, such as automated conveyor systems, automated glue bridges and multiple roll-pack machines in every plant.

“When Eric Rhea, our chief executive officer joined the company, his charge was to reinvent Corsicana and return the company to its roots as the nation’s foremost value mattress supplier,” Jannke said. “The time and investments spent to achieve those goals are now paying off.”

Rhea agreed: “Mark has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge in developing products and processes and has done a tremendous job to help create a dynamic organization that is able to consistently service our customers effectively and efficiently. The feedback we’re receiving from our dealers is that they are noticing the difference in both product and delivery, and they are very positive about Corsicana’s direction moving forward.”

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