Nightcap Q&A With Beth English

Nightcap With Beth English. Editorial Director of BedTimes Magazine, Beth English.
Editorial Director of BedTimes Magazine, Beth English.

Beth English is editorial director of BedTimes and Sleep Savvy magazines. She has worked for the International Sleep Products Association for nine years.
In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, watercoloring and hanging out with her favorite people.

BedTimes: Tell us about your bedtime routine. 

Beth English: I don’t really have much of a routine. I go upstairs when I start to feel sleepy or when I’m just done for the day. I crawl into bed and, on my good days, read for a bit. On other days, I spend a ridiculous amount of time scrolling social media. I know better. I think creating a good bedtime routine might make my New Year’s resolutions list.

BT: What do you avoid before bed?

BE: Aside from skipping caffeine after my morning cup of coffee (any after 2 p.m. and I’ll never sleep), I avoid anything that’s likely to give me nightmares. I can’t watch or read anything scary or angsty before bed.

BT: How many hours do you typically sleep? 

BE: I’m actually pretty good about this now that I have mostly grown children. I average between seven and eight hours, with an occasional six-hour night thrown in.

BT: Pets in the bed – yay or nay? 

BE: This is a big yay for me, but my pet doesn’t agree. We currently have one cat, Abby, and she really isn’t much of a cuddler. (See photo above. I tempted her with treats and she lasted in my lap for the split second it took to grab it.) Our other cat, Bella, who died suddenly last summer, was my constant companion. She was in my lap all day, every day, and would often snuggle up with me at night, too. I miss her.

BT: Barefoot or socks?   

BE: Even when it’s super cold, I can only handle socks on in bed briefly. They have to come off before I go to sleep, otherwise the trick of sticking my foot out of the covers to cool me down in the middle of the night doesn’t work.

BT: What’s on your nightstand?  

BE: My nightstand has a pile of books I want to read, a notepad, lip balm and glasses.

BT: Are you a napper? 

BE: I nap on occasion — usually after a poor night of sleep. I have learned the beauty of a 30-minute nap. Otherwise, I wake up groggy.

BT: What are your best sleep tips? 

BE: My room has to be a comfortable temperature. These days, I like it to be cool. Obviously, a good mattress and pillow are critical.

BT: What are your secrets for getting a good night’s sleep while traveling? 

BE: When traveling internationally, I’ve learned to go outside and get some sunshine to try to reset my circadian rhythm. Then I try to go to bed as close to my normal bedtime as possible. 

BT: Is there anything else you want to add?

BE: You would be surprised by how many people, when they find out what I do for a living, want me to tell them which mattress is the best. I think it frustrates them when I give my honest answer: It’s a matter of personal preference.

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