Sleep to Live touts quality assurance technology

Mattress maker Sleep to Live has designed patent–pending quality assurance machinery it calls Inline Comfort Support Analysis. The technology will be installed at all company–owned and licensee manufacturing facilities around the globe.

The machine tests finished mattresses to ensure that they perform consistently. It works hand–in–hand with the patented Sleep to Live in–store diagnostic system and was developed at the Sleep to Live Institute, the company’s research center in Joplin, Mo. Sleep to Live is headquartered in Mebane, N.C.

“The addition of the ICSA technology guarantees that our customers receive the right bed for their unique body type,” said Robert Oexman, director of the Sleep to Live Institute.
The new machinery goes beyond traditional indention load deflection machinery, the company said. It measures the resistance and recovery of a force in the comfort layers of a mattress, as well as reactions of the bed’s support layers to a variety of body types.

“Because the Sleep to Live mattress is scientifically customized to provide the customer with the ideal postural support, we needed to create a significantly more in–depth, multidimensional testing process,” said Joe Schmoeller, Sleep to Live senior vice president of operations.

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