Boyd Specialty Sleep moves into toppers

Boyd Specialty Sleep is introducing its first mattress toppers—three memory foam options under the Responda–Flex brand name.

The toppers—in 2–, 3– and 4–inch heights—incorporate solid memory foam or a combination of convoluted memory foam for contouring support and a firmer secondary foam layer for extra support. They are wrapped in removable, machine–washable covers in velour, cotton/polyester or bamboo–based rayon fabrics. The toppers have suggested retail prices from $99 to $399 for queen size.

“The vast majority of toppers sold today are uncovered blocks or slabs of foam,” said Dennis Boyd, president and chief executive officer of the St. Louis–based company. “Our objective was to differentiate and elevate the quality and look of our offerings, which is why Responda–Flex toppers are aesthetically styled, have a lifestyle–based selling story and include attractive POP materials.”

The entire topper collection uses varying densities of Boyd’s Responda–Flex open–cell memory foam.

“For many consumers who can’t afford to buy a new bed and are seeking a better night’s sleep, the plushness and support of a properly constructed topper can mitigate the declining support in a mattress that’s nearing the end of its lifecycle,” Boyd said.

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