Wright of Thomasville harnesses solar energy

Graphic design and marketing services provider Wright of Thomasville has completed a major solar panel installation at its headquarters in Thomasville, N.C.

The 364 panels are connected directly to the power grid at Duke Energy Corp., the power company serving central North Carolina. The panels generate about 83.72 kilowatts of energy, which Duke Energy credits back to Wright, essentially cancelling out Wright’s electric bill. The company also received state and federal tax credits for the installation.

“Our company has always been committed to environmental stewardship—be it through the inks we use or the recycling of production materials,” said Greg Wright, Wright of Thomasville president and chief executive officer. “We are now happy to add energy conservation to this list.

The decision to install solar panels seemed like a natural progression in reducing our carbon footprint and advancing our environmental mission.”

To illustrate its harnessing of solar power, the company has added a power-generating meter to its website and in the facility’s lobby.

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