ISPA welcomes more than 50 new members

More than 50 companies have joined the International Sleep Products Association since January. The new members range from startups to long-time mattress manufacturers and component suppliers, and include producers of top-of-bed accessories that join ISPA in a new associate member category.

“ISPA is the voice of the mattress and sleep products industry,” said Gerry Borreggine, ISPA chairman and president and chief executive officer of Therapedic International. “Retaining existing members and recruiting new companies are key to keeping our programs vibrant and relevant. This past year, we have worked hard to promote the value of ISPA and I am thrilled that our membership numbers have returned to prerecession levels.”

Companies join ISPA for a variety of reasons.

“Used mattress recycling is an issue that has been near and dear to my heart for a number of years,” said Carroll Moran, owner of mattress maker Sleep Inc., a new ISPA member. “I support what ISPA is doing to promote recycling in our industry and in opposing state recycling laws that could be costly to manufacturers. Now is the time for our industry to unite and support ISPA’s ‘green’ efforts.”

Fabrictech International was one of the first top-of-bed manufacturers to join ISPA in the new membership category.

“ISPA’s Better Sleep Council allows consumers to make a critical link between the importance of sleep and good health, which is key to manufacturers of all sleep products,” said Sean Bergman, Fabrictech International vice president of sales and marketing. “We look forward to actively participating in ISPA and helping advance the interests of this industry.”

Other new ISPA members include Agru America Inc.; All American Enterprises LLC; American Plant & Equipment Inc.; APER Srl; Automated Tag & Label; Aydin Tekstil; B&C International/OS Depot – Z.L. Latex Products; Boyd Specialty Sleep; Brookwood Co. Inc.; Capital Bedding Co.; Comfort Coil Technology Sdn. Bhd.; CozyPure; Cusbor S.L.; DMM Forest Products; Dolphin Pack; Dunlap Sunbrand International; Elements Home Fashion; Ann’s Trading Co. Inc.; Entex Textil S.L.; Esun International Co. Ltd.; Evoteks Home & Hotel Textiles; Foamco Industries Corp.; Forever Foundations & Frames LLC; Gabriel Scientific; Guard Master; Haylex U.S.A.; Imperial Threads Inc.; Jowat Corp.; Latex Global; Lemoyne Sleeper Co. Inc.; Linak U.S. Inc.; MFI International Mfg. LLC; Microtek Laboratories Inc.; MPT Group Ltd.; O’Mara Inc.; Ovattificio Fortunato; P.F. Industries Inc.; Pacific Spring Mfg. Co. Inc.; Perfect Dreamer Co.; Psyche Comfort Products LLC; Resortes y Alambres S.A. de C.V.; SC Invest Management Srl; Schmidt Machine Co.; Sedona Comfort Mattress & Pillow Co.; Shandong Helon Textile Science & Technology Co. Ltd.; Sleep EZ; Stein Fibers Ltd.; Sunstar U.S.A. Inc.; Supreme Quilting Ltd.; Tempronics Inc.; Tintoria Piana U.S. Inc.; Tuodao Strong Nails Mfg. Co. Ltd.; Unicorn Mattress Co. Ltd.; Vellum; Vista Medical Ltd.; and Waterton Polymer Products.

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