New Lenzing Modal tag touts eco-friendliness

Lenzing Modal logoThe Lenzing Group, a supplier of cellulosic fibers headquartered in Lenzing, Austria, has repositioned its Lenzing Modal brand with a new tagline, “CO2 Neutral Softness by Edelweiss Technology,” to underscore the fiber’s carbon-neutral manufacturing processes.

Edelweiss Technology is an “energy self-sufficient” and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, the company said. From wood pulp to finished fiber, its Modal is made at a single site in Austria. The pulp is derived from domestic beechwood and Lenzing recovers up to 95% of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

“We are proud that Lenzing Modal is carbon neutral,” said Lenzing Textil Vice President Dieter Eichinger. “Born from our desire to produce in an increasingly eco-friendly manner, we have developed proprietary production techniques. We have become pioneers in the design of organic wood refineries. This combination makes Lenzing Modal unique worldwide.”

Andreas Dorner, marketing director, added, “Expanding the fiber’s image from softness to eco-friendliness mirrors the changes in the demands from the marketplace. Today, customers not only seek a high-quality product, they want to be sure that it was produced in a fair and eco-friendly way.”

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