Sleep Inc. dreamGreen mattress recycling plant stars in Mattress Firm video

Retail giant Mattress Firm has posted a video on You Tube (scroll down to watch video) in the spirit of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, the series that profiles American laborers who make their living doing “dirty,” yet vital jobs.

The video, which takes place at Sleep Inc.’s dreamGreen mattress recycling plant in Texas, details the ins and outs of the job of recycling mattresses. Mattress Firm teamed up with dreamGreen about a year ago, and currently all Texas stores participate in the program.

The ten-minute promo is designed to educate Mattress Firm employees about recycling while also getting them excited and motivated about the initiative, but could have wide consumer appeal as well. Featuring bold graphic interfaces, fast-paced guitar riffs, time-lapse video and humor, the video is fun, entertaining and educational all at once.

Mattress Firm employees Brent Batterman, Russell Thompson and Bethanie Mackintosh star in the “Filthy Jobs: dreamGreen Mattress Teardown edition” video, along with dreamGreen’s plant supervisor, who helps the Firm folks flay a mattress and package up its parts for its use in other industries.

“With the new dreamGreen initiative, those old mattresses are finding new life in new industries,” explains Batterman in the video, as he stands on top of a stack of mattresses waiting to be recycled.

Sleep Inc. President Doug Guffey makes a special appearance toward the end of the video, where he talks about his company’s commitment to both recycling and giving back to the community.

“We’re a mattress manufacturer that manufactures new bedding,” says Guffey in the video. “But we also contribute to an old problem, and that’s the old mattresses….We saw an opportunity here to repurpose it and turn it back into something positive.”

And now, watch the video:

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