6 BuzzFeed 'listicles' that will save your life

OK, these listicles won’t save your life, but if you aren’t getting a daily dose of BuzzFeed, you are the poorer for it. This “news site” has managed to perfect the art of irresistible “listicles.” A listicle is an article that is basically a numbered list. If perusing BuzzFeed doesn’t inspire you to write your next blog post or tweet your next tweet, you’re not paying attention.

Here’s a sampling of BuzzFeed listicles that captured my attention recently:

1) 33 Things Every Conference Attendee Knows To Be True — If you had only read this before ISPA EXPO!

2) 10 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn From Cats — What is it with the Internet and cats? Anyway, my favorite is No. 5.

3) 32 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth An Absolute Fortune Now — Too late, I threw them all away!

BuzzFeed homepage4) How To Sleep Better In 94 Seconds — They don’t tell you to inspect the comfort of your mattress, but there are some good sleep tips here.

5) 23 Songs To Play You To Sleep — Yes, Debussy’s “Claire de Lune”!

6) 25 Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses — One of my all-time favorite BuzzFeed lists, of course.

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