Retired Talalay chemist Suplee returns to Latex International

Industry supplier Latex International has rehired Talalay latex expert George Suplee as vice president of technology. Suplee retired in 2008 after 15 years with the Shelton, Connecticut-based company. He is responsible for directing research and development, including new product development.

When Suplee first joined Latex International in 1993, he worked closely with company founder Bill Coffey, an expert in latex chemistry, and with Leon Talalay, co-inventor of the Talalay process. During that time, Suplee developed numerous formulations and processes to exacting standards and was responsible for product and process quality assurance.

“George is really the dean of Talalay latex innovation worldwide,” said Dave Fisher, Latex International president and chief executive officer. “He developed so many new products and creative approaches to using the material over the years that he is a tremendous asset to our organization. We are excited to have him back aboard and leading our innovation team. There are so many opportunities as the sole U.S. producer of Talalay and there’s no one better than George to collaborate with our customers.”

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