Gold Bond promotes its mattress-customization capabilities

Mattress manufacturer Gold Bond, based in Hartford, Connecticut, has the machinery and know-how to build custom mattresses and box-springs for bed frames—and for consumers—of all sizes, said President Bob Naboicheck.Gold Bond logo

The company frequently fills special orders for custom beds, Naboicheck said. The most common requests are for mattresses and box springs in non-standard heights, or profiles, as well as beds in unique shapes. Another popular customization request is for bed sets to fit the “big and tall” demographic.

“Independently owned retailers don’t have large marketing budgets, and catering to niche markets is a great way for them to bring new customers in the door,” he added. “Product customization is not just a trend or a phase. The idea of a ‘tailor-fit’ bed carries immense appeal to the consumer. From bed sets made to fit antique frames, to box springs at 3-inch, 5 ¼-inch and 9-inch heights, to extra-long mattresses for college basketball players, we stock the materials to make any mattress of any size.”

The 115-year-old company is family-owned and ships its American-made mattresses to 40 states and five countries. Gold Bond beds are available at more than 500 retail showrooms.

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