BedTimes Is an Indispensable Resource For Mattress Manufacturers

Here at, we have a library of stories that are invaluable resources for mattress manufacturers, helping you stay abreast of critical topics affecting the mattress industry, and make informed decisions about your business. Find stories such as these:

  • The Fractured Landscape of Chemical Regulation”: What you need to know about tighter restrictions on the use, labeling and reporting of chemicals in consumer product. (Originally appeared in the February 2015 print edition.)

    McRoskey 1950s tufting machine for mattress manufacturing

    Photo courtesy of McRoskey Mattress Co.

  • Working With Testing Laboratories”: How to work with testing labs to build safe and better products in the midst of a constantly evolving regulatory environment. (Originally appeared in the September 2014 print edition.)
  • Mattress Certifications, Standards, Seals, Tags and Labels”: What product seals, labels and standards mean and why they are important to show consumers your products meet certain environmental or quality standards. (Originally appeared in the November 2012 print edition.)
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