Forecast for Spring is Cool and Gray at 2017 Winter Las Vegas Market

New products and retooled brands reflect industry’s fascination with a trendy shade—and the importance of sleeping cool

winter las vegas market

The editors of BedTimes braved rain and wintry weather at the Winter Las Vegas Market Jan. 22-26 in search of news from sleep products exhibitors. It was well worth the effort because this product-filled show offered some changes in bedding that we haven’t seen before. There also was one pervasive trend that has been around for quite some time and (hint) every time we stepped outside the World Market Center, we were reminded of it.

Market officials declared the show a great success with “steady buyer and designer attendance and strong order writing,” as well as overall attendance numbers that surpassed last winter’s record breaker.

Feature-filled adjustable bases, many with sleek, contemporary looks, played an important role at this show. (We cover some of the news here with much more to read in last month’s BedTimes cover story, “The Beauty of Adjustability.”) We also noted that adjustable-friendly mattresses are proliferating and manufacturers are sure to note which beds work with power bases right on the label, if not on the bed’s information card.

It was evident that accessories suppliers are putting a lot of thought into pillow offerings. Innovations in fills and fabrics, as well as irresistible looks in pillow covers, pillow packaging and pillow displays, are making this add-on extra interesting to report on. We’ve saved most of this market’s “pillow talk” for our upcoming April feature story, so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, here is a summary of some of our takeaways from the year’s biggest sleep products show:


The winter show is known for product introductions and line revamps, and this one was no different. There was plenty of new product, but many brands added clarity by reorganizing and simplifying their entire collections. The result is that it’s easier for retailers to explain products and sell to consumers. In many instances, companies trimmed, renamed or realigned the “branches” on their “brand family tree.” They also created more consistent step-ups across collections, attempted to simplify proprietary component names and more.

Gray’s autonomy

Wow! From head to foot, beds at this show were dressed in shades of gray, with the occasional pairing of blue with gray or the use of bluer grays. We’ve never seen a sleep products show as monochromatic as this. The embrace of dark gray especially was pronounced. Charcoal definitely stole the show as most popular border hue—and it’s also all the rage in overall home décor. But its reign is so complete in bedding that in several instances it crept into mattress panels. (That very specific look got kickstarted at Atlanta-based Simmons Bedding in 2016, in certain Beautyrest Black models.) Gray bed panels are quite a departure from the mattress industry’s longtime love affair with hygienic white.

Most often, gray borders were paired with creamy white panels. There also was considerable use of stark black in tapes, handles and welts, as well as warmed-up taupe-gray on the border. Many used high-gloss tape-edges in black or metallic silver to brighten some of these looks.

Still chillin’

From mattresses to sleep accessories, temperature regulation continues to be strong in bedding. Phase-change material is ever present and touted in foam, fiber and fabrics. Its presence is reflected in proprietary components with names that include “chill,” “cool” and “ice.”

In addition, there were some interesting electronic solutions on display for heating and cooling mattresses, while porous comfort foams and channeled core foams are said to encourage airflow. Some mattress fabrics have moisture-wicking properties and the look and feel of workout wear. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

E-commerce—beat ’em and join ’em

Bedding manufacturers offered plenty of help to retailers competing with online-only sellers. There were exclusive items available only to brick-and-mortar stores, myriad boxed-bed programs for drop shipping or as cash-and-carry, and in-store items. Also, many traditional mattress collections now include a roll-pack-ready model. The coolest things about some of these beds were their appealing, luxury looks and componentry worthy of higher price points.   

The following stories provide highlights from some of the bedding showrooms we visited at the Winter Las Vegas Market.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all prices are suggested retail for queen-size sets.

Serta: Retooling signature collections

Mattress brand Serta, part of Atlanta-based Serta Simmons Bedding LLC, redesigned and relaunched its major product lines. It also announced an upcoming advertising campaign for the Serta, iComfort and Perfect Sleeper lines built around the tagline, “Always Comfortable.” 

The product makeovers and ad campaign were guided by substantial consumer research into the meaning of comfort and input from a leading industrial design firm. The results, Serta said, enabled it to “build the most comfortable mattresses at every price point and use brand-reinforcing design language across all products.”

Serta iComfort was dramatically redesigned with a narrowly ribbed, soft gray knit cover and contrasting horizontal blue stripes. The seven-bed collection offers clear step-ups at each price point and retails from $1,299 to $2,999. The company said there is “demonstrable cooling” at the $1,999 price point and above due to the use of phase-change material in the beds’ new, proprietary TempActive Max memory foam and TempActive Touch ticking.

New Serta Perfect Sleeper beds have a crisp navy, white and gray color scheme with upgraded fabrics, including a luxurious knit border. The lineup ranges from $399 to $1,499 and is offered in innerspring (wrapped coils now are used in better models), all-foam and hybrid versions.

Value-priced Sertapedic was refreshed with clean white covers and light gray and taupe accents and tape-edges. Beds retail from $299 to $699 and are available in innerspring and memory-foam versions.

Serta iComfort

Serta, part of Atlanta-based Serta Simmons Bedding LLC, completely changed the look of its successful iComfort collection, wrapping it in an ‘ath-leisure’-inspired textile knitted from heathered gray yarns and accented with bold blue stripes.

King Koil: Honoring partners

King Koil Express Comfort iMattress

The shipping carton for iMattress Express Comfort, a boxed-bed program from Willowbrook, Illinois-based King Koil, is in sync with the latest color trend in home décor and bedding.

At international licensing group King Koil, there was much to see, including a new brand identity, the company’s multicultural ethos and plenty of refreshed product. At the showroom center stood three core collections, World Edition, World Luxury and World Extended Life, each with new aesthetics and top-of-bed accessories. Fabrics were on-trend in shades of taupe, gray and charcoal on borders and as accents. A new corporate video in the “international room” paid tribute to the Willowbrook, Illinois-based company’s global reach and its lineup of comfortable beds “loved around the world.” New wall graphics depicted King Koil products and its licensees on six continents.

King Koil expanded its boxed-bed offerings with the launch of iMattress Express Comfort—two hybrid and two all-foam beds that ship roll packed and boxed, and retail from $699 to $999. Also available under Express Comfort is a new shippable, adjustable base that fits on an existing bed frame or platform base. It retails for $1,299 in queen.

“We want to empower our licensees and retailers to better compete in (the e-commerce) category with feature-filled product that adds real value,” said Owen Shoemaker, president and chief operating officer.

Paramount Sleep and Sheex: Bringing activewear to bedroom

Paramount Sleep, with headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, introduced a Sheex Inc.-branded mattress collection, in partnership with the Marlton, New Jersey-based sleep accessories supplier. The program is designed to pair with Sheex’s patented performance-fabric linens, mattress pads, pillows and sleepwear.

There are five models in the collection, retailing from $1,299 to $2,499. They include a combination of pocket springs, microcoils, copper-infused latex and temperature-regulating materials, such as gel memory foam and “ice-cooling fabric” with phase-change material. The stretchy, moisture-wicking covers use combinations of dark gray borders or accents with creamy white stretch-knit panels.

The all-foam opening price point may be roll packed for drop shipping direct to the consumer, so that the retailer carries no inventory. It also can be floored in-store.

Sheex co-founder Michelle Brooke-Marciniak said her company chose to partner with Paramount, “because they have a thorough understanding of the cutting-edge materials we want to bring to a mattress associated with the Sheex brand (and their team has) the ability and expertise to execute it. … The introduction (is an important part of) our long-term strategy of revolutionizing the total sleep and recovery experience for the consumer.”

Paramount Sheex Red Rock Display

In a showroom at the Red Rock Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Norfolk, Virginia-based Paramount Sleep and Marlton, New Jersey-based Sheex introduced a mattress collection using the mattress maker’s high-end components on the inside and the looks of the sleep accessories supplier’s performance fabric technology on the outside.

Southerland: Promoting benefits of copper

Mattress manufacturer Southerland Inc., headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, highlighted some premium collections, including a new five-bed specialty group, Scandinavian Sleep Systems, which retails from $1,899 to $3,999. It offers “clean, cool comfort” thanks, in part, to copper-infused latex and copper-infused viscoelastic in the comfort layers, as well as CuTEC “copper ion”-infused fiber and Tencel yarns in the ticking. The beds also use spacer fabric on the borders for improved airflow.

The bed’s aesthetic is on-trend, with white panels and stone gray borders accented by a branded silver ribbon and contrasting lime-green tape-edges.

“Scandinavian is a new collection positioned at the top of our line with a strong cooling and wellness story,” said Bryan Smith, Southerland president and chief executive officer. “On April 1, we’re rolling out linens, pillows and protectors with the same copper-ion (CuTEC technology) story in the fabrics.”

The company has created individual websites dedicated to its major collections, including one for the new Scandinavian line,, Smith said.

Southerland also formally introduced the Heritage Latex collection, after a soft launch at the Summer Las Vegas Market. The five-bed line, including a new two-sided starter model with two separate feels, is priced from $1,899 to $3,999 and uses 100% natural latex. It includes copper in the latex top comfort layer and mattress fabric.

Southerland Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith, president and chief executive officer of Southerland Inc., with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, touts the cooling, rejuvenating benefits of the company’s newest specialty collection Scandinavian Sleep Systems.

Eclipse International/Eastman House: Enjoying ‘strong’ show

At mattress licensing group Eclipse International/Eastman House, which is part of North Brunswick, New Jersey-based Bedding Industries of America, new products in the bustling showroom addressed durability and e-commerce. The company also celebrated its national and international licensees with a showroom party and provided floor space to several who showcased new products.

National introductions included the sturdy Eastman House Lifetime collection, designed for the “ ‘big and tall’ market segment and people who have purchased a bed in the past and experienced body impression problems,” said Matthew Connolly, president of the licensing group.

Four models have white, tufted panels and dramatic dark borders in taupe, gray and black. Priced from $1,299 to $2,999, they use a low-gauge, super-strong innerspring unit with layers of high-end foams and Talalay latex. The amount of latex increases, reaching 4 inches in the top of the line.

Wrapped on five sides by a dark, textural charcoal-and-white knit and finished with glossy black tape-edges, the new Sol grouping from Eclipse is a boxed bed with upscale looks. Three beds retail from $999 to $1,999 and come in flat- and euro-top. Beds contain varying amounts of Joma wool, Talalay latex and gel memory foam over a high-resilience foam core.

Retailers can offer consumers in-store pickup of the boxed product, drop shipping from the factory or conventional home delivery.

Eclipse Sol

The thick, plush Sol collection from Eclipse International, part of North Brunswick, New Jersey-based Bedding Industries of America, is a boxed bed with high-end looks and an eye-catching, all-over textural knit in charcoal gray and white.

Corsicana Mattress Co.: Showcasing new branding

Mattress maker Corsicana Bedding, which has headquarters in Corsicana, Texas, relaunched as Corsicana Mattress Co., adding a contemporary new logo; new aqua-and-white showroom filled with new point-of-sale items, signage and sales tools; and a refreshed product lineup. On the first day of the show, the company’s new website went live at

Many of the branding, marketing and product changes on display were driven by consumers, thanks to recently conducted quantitative and qualitative research with 1,000 consumers, said Andrea Stephens, director of sales and marketing engagement. “(For instance), in the qualitative phase, we learned that ‘feel’ is tops with consumers, and we added better components—such as Leggett & Platt Quantum Edge coil units at the $799 price point, latexlike feels and fast-response memory foams, as well as ticking with Tencel—in our premium models.”

On display at the center of the showroom were Corsicana’s revamped premium branded collections, which include Sleep Inc., International Bedding and American Bedding. Sets are priced from $499 to $1,299 and sport white panels with gray borders enhanced with modern designs.

The company manufactures an array of private-label and branded goods for more than 5,000 customers through its 10 manufacturing facilities across the United States, Stephens said.


Andrea Stephens, director of sales and marketing engagement, and Ed Cooper, executive vice president of sales, marketing and branding for Corsicana Mattress Co., based in Corsicana, Texas, introduced visitors to the company’s new name and logo, revamped brand presence, new products and redesigned showroom.

Restonic: Focusing on bright colors

Mattress licensing group Restonic Mattress Corp., with headquarters in Buffalo, New York, broke away from vanilla panels and splashed a vivid flower print on a ComfortCare Hybrid Signature model. The Field of Dreams bed retails for $1,999, tells a strong temperature-
regulation story through its foams and fabrics, and features large red poppies on a white ground.

Also on display was a redesigned and relaunched TempaGel four-model collection retailing from $1,999 to $2,999. The top bed in the all-foam group now has microcoils. The new aesthetics include a pale, spalike color scheme using white, aqua and taupe fabric and accents that is complemented by a thick, high-sheen tape-edge.

TempaGel’s overall look and feel “targets an upscale, health-conscious consumer … (while the Field of Dreams bed) is a great conversation starter,” said Julia Rosien, Restonic brand director.

Restonic Tempa Gel

With red poppies splashed across a new ComfortCare model and TempaGel (above) models sporting the palest pales, Restonic Mattress Corp. got customers debating color. The licensing group is based in Buffalo, New York.

Blu Sleep: Highlighting high-tech cores

Specialty mattress and pillow manufacturer Blu Sleep, with U.S. headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida, touted the launch of a responsive new website, It also simplified its showroom display, narrowing it down to the best-sellers, and unveiled new mattress aesthetics, as well as a helpful mattress-display concept, said Elizabeth Dell’Accio, vice president and company principal.

Beds are shown xside by side, both covered and “naked,” so buyers get a good look inside at the functional—and beautiful—Italian foam cores.

The company has taken its unique pillow-cover design that uses light blue 3-D spacer fabric with AirTex technology on one side and a plush white knit on the other and extended that look to the sewn covers used on its recently launched Nubia Loft mattresses.

The new white-and-blue sewn cover designs look great when paired with Blu’s matching pillows and a coordinating blue spacer-fabric foot guard.

The beds’ vividly colored foams, used in the newer Nubia Loft beds, have contour cut Air Pods designed to “eliminate pressure points and motion transfer,” Dell’Accio said.

Blue Sleep mattress display

Blu Sleep, with U.S. headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida, gave buyers an easier way to shop by displaying beds with and without their new covers.

Sealy: Reorganized brand getting whole new look, too

Tempur Sealy International Inc., headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, gave the Sealy brand a complete refresh for 2017. The changes encompassed fresh aesthetics, retooled components and an overall reorganization that the company called a new and simplified “master brand strategy.”

The Sealy brand was divided into two distinct lines—innerspring Response and memory-foam Conform. A third Hybrid group will debut in 2018. Each is subdivided into three step-up categories—Essentials, Performance and Premium—which boast unique components. In addition, the Performance and Premium collections now feature Posturepedic Technology, signifying there is extra support in the bed’s center third for better body alignment.

The collection looks are tied together with a sophisticated color palette using white panels and on-trend charcoal, black and chocolate in the border.

New mattress labels have thumbnail icons that illustrate each bed’s proprietary features, such as MoistureProtect fabrics, SealyCool gel memory foam and, for innerspring beds, new DuraFlex Edge, an innerspring unit with edge-to-edge wire and stronger support on the bed’s perimeter.

The collections’ next refresh won’t come for another 36 months, the company said. In the past, changes were made every 24 months.

Tempur Sealy also produced a series of lighthearted videos for retail sales associates that highlight the quality and durability of its relaunched Sealy lineup.

Sealy Premium

The relaunched Sealy brand from Lexington, Kentucky-based Tempur Sealy International Inc. uses sophisticated colors and tailoring, as well as easy-to-understand product labeling.

Symbol: Finding temperature zen

Richmond, Virginia-based manufacturer Symbol Mattress focused on SleepFresh, a climate-
controlled bed launched at the Summer Las Vegas Market that has product updates, a full range of point-of-sale materials and a dedicated website,

“We wanted to get a feel for how dealers would respond (at the July show)—not only was retail reaction extremely positive, but consumer reaction was just as affirmative in the market tests we later conducted,” said Mike McQuiston, Symbol president.

Four beds are priced from $1,799 to $3,999 and each incorporates a Climate Control Sleep System in the foundation that can heat or cool the bed and is engineered by Gentherm. The two top models have four heating/cooling zones, while lower price points have two. The beds contain high-density foam cores and a combination of high-end comfort foams and gels, as well as latex with gel and phase-change material.

Symbol also introduced the six-bed Meditation group, comprised of innerspring and all-foam models. The contemporary-looking beds have a plush appearance with an all-over, double-knit cover punctuated by tiny blue dots. They retail from $599 to $1,999, feature premium spring units and support foams, and are available with modern smooth-tops or more traditional quilted panels.

Symbol Meditation

This quilted version of Richmond, Virginia-based Symbol Mattress’
Meditation collection has a fluffy-looking all-over knit with an inverted seam.

Comfortaire: Undergoing extreme makeover

Comfortaire, an airbed maker based in Greenville, South Carolina, that is owned by Minneapolis-based Select Comfort Corp., redesigned its lineup. Nine models now are organized into three series—Essence, Harmony and Sanctuary—each with three step-ups that use a range of comfort layers. Top beds feature the Attune patented edge-to-edge urethane air chamber over a base foam. Other models have a traditional latex rubber air-chamber base. Prices range from $1,799 to $3,999.

Elegant taupe-and-white fabrics and gilt tape-edges are used across the collection. The knit panels in each series have step-up treatments that are cumulative: Essence fabrics are antimicrobial and stain-resistant; Harmony adds phase-change technology; and Sanctuary includes Tencel content.

Sanctuary is available as a split-top queen or king. All beds use the Q10 Wireless Comfort Control.

The Comfortaire Sanctuary S3 airbed

The Comfortaire Sanctuary S3 airbed is available as a split king and features a 3 1/2-inch urethane air chamber with 3 inches of Talalay latex in its top comfort layer and a plush knit cover with Tencel yarns. The company is based in Greenville, South Carolina.

Glideaway: focusing on sleep climate

St. Louis-based bedding supplier Glideaway launched the three-model Zenith series under its Sleepharmony mattress brand. The hybrid beds have an innerspring core with a coating of poured, semi-solid gel called TruGel layered over memory foam, and a cool-to-the-touch ticking with phase-change material called Ice Touch.

Available in a 10-inch and two 12-inch models, the imported beds retail from $800 to $1,500 and are upholstered in white, blue and sharkskin gray.

“We’re all familiar with consumer complaints regarding memory foam mattresses sleeping hot,” said Dan Baker, executive vice president of sales. “(Zenith delivers) a true temperature-regulating experience to promote a more restful night’s sleep.”

Glideaway also rebranded its four-level mattress protector lineup as Sleepharmony Revolution Tech. Plus, it created a new retail display and signage, and added a six-sided total encasement that comes with two secondary zip-off top panels for easy laundering. Protectors retail from $40 to $300 in queen sizes.

Glideaway Dan Baker

Dan Baker, executive vice president of sales, explains all of the cooling features of St. Louis-based Glideaway’s newest Sleepharmony collection with poured gel and phase-change material.

HomTex: Launching Dream Living

Sleep accessories supplier HomTex Inc., known for its DreamFit bed linens and strong contract manufacturing business, held a soft launch of a selection of products under a new brand umbrella, Dream Living.

The company, based in Vinemont, Alabama, renamed and redesigned its Las Vegas showroom to reflect the launch of Dream Living products, most of which are cut, sewn, packed and distributed at the company’s nine U.S. facilities. Offerings on display included DreamFit sheets, bed pillows, throws, decorative pillows, adjustable bases, storage bases and even some contemporary convertible furniture—including the novel Decker Sofa, imported from Europe, which expands upward into a bunk bed and retails for $2,999.

Expect more new products in the near future, said Cindy Williams, vice president of marketing and account management. “Our DreamFit line of sheets, pillows and mattress protectors will always be our flagship brand, and we will continue to grow and expand the products within it. However, we are enlarging our vision. Our primary mission is to enhance the lives of our customers, and we have the ability within the U.S. to produce many products that will do just that.”

HomTex Inc. Decker Sofa

HomTex Inc., headquartered in Vinemont, Alabama, introduced Dream Living, a new brand umbrella that will include a range of home goods, from bedding products to convertible home furnishings, like the convertible Decker Sofa, which expands into a bunk bed.

Talalay Global: Going to the dogs—in a good way

Talalay Global Dog Bed Kim Fischer

Kim Fisher, president and chief operating officer of Shelton, Connecticut-based Talalay Global, enjoys one of the four-legged visitors to the showroom while the dog makes itself at home on a Barkalay by Talalay dog bed.

Talalay Global’s showroom felt just like home to a few furry friends.

The Shelton, Connecticut-based latex supplier and finished products manufacturer introduced its new line of dog beds, Barkalay by Talalay. To highlight the introduction, the company got therapy dogs to visit the showroom Jan. 22 and 23 to rest-test the beds. It also was an opportunity to highlight Michael’s Angel Paws, a Las Vegas charitable organization that trains pups and offers dog services, such as therapy, emotional support and service, to the disabled in nearby communities.

The canines from the organization made themselves at home on the dog beds, which contain pure Talalay and are covered by a gray quilted, polyester fabric. Retailing for $170, the bed is large enough for most dogs and can be embroidered with a pet’s name.

Talalay Global hopes mattress stores will floor the beds. “It’s an easy conversation starter,” said Kim Fisher, president and chief operating officer. “Talalay is breathable and natural and baby-safe.” And safe for “fur babies,” too.

Wright Global Graphics: Introducing fast, easy ordering

Printing and marketing solutions provider Wright Global Graphics went live with Wright Marketplace (, an express label-ordering service for existing customers, on opening day of the Winter Las Vegas Market.

The portal is easy to use and offers customers myriad color options, said Vicki Fishman, vice president of the Thomasville, North Carolina-based company. “There are close to 30 designs in pressure-sensitive, iron-on or sew-in satin printed labels. Just choose your backgrounds and upload your logo, etc., similar to those design-your-business-card services. Wright is all about making it easy to do business with us. With Marketplace, the core thing is your order goes straight through to our production department, with standard or rush delivery, even next day.”

Wright also has expanded Showroom Solutions Express, a quick-ship program offering a wide range of in-store banners, lighted frames, signage and other types of graphics and printing for retailers. 

Wright VP Vicki Fishman

Vice President Vicki Fishman of Thomasville, North Carolina-based Wright Global Graphics introduces the speedy satin-label program while surrounded by examples of Wright’s high-definition wall wraps, store posters and lighted headboards.

Therapedic: Fine-tuning Bravura line with new additions

Mattress licensing group Therapedic International, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, added another score to its musically themed Bravura line.

The new five-model line, which will act as the opener for the collection, features 580 coil counts and high-density foams. A quilted soft gray panel is bordered by stripes in tones of black and charcoal, reminiscent of piano keys. The opening number, Prelude, retails for $599. Encore retails for $799 and Interlude, which is available in three comfort choices, ranges from $999 to $1,099.

The new ensemble joins the previously launched hybrid line, with names pulled from George Gershwin songs, and the high-end line, with names from classic rock albums such as “Rubber Soul” by The Beatles.

“Just as some of the world’s best music comes from collaboration, we’ve learned that when we preview our new sleep systems to solicit input from directional retailers, we end up with a hit,” said Gerry Borreggine, Therapedic president and chief executive officer.

Therapedic Bravura

Princeton, New Jersey-based Therapedic International struck a new chord in its musically themed Bravura collection with opening-price-point beds such as Interlude.

Fashion Bed Group: Presenting high design for kids and adults

Fashion Bed Group, part of Carthage, Missouri-based Leggett & Platt Inc., wowed retailers with a number of new designs for all ages.

For the adult sector, FBG showcased four new bed frames. The eye-catching Sorrento, retailing for $699, brings brass to the showroom floor. The brushed-brass finish complements a curved sleigh design.

“We’ve been seeing brass in accessories and are testing it at this market,” said Ron Ainsworth, senior vice president of merchandising and procurement for FBG. “Our designers strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by proactively anticipating consumer needs and creating designs that not only reflect the latest style trends, but also cater to the comfort, lifestyle and value demands of today’s shoppers.”

The Venice, retailing for $549, is an all-metal frame with an arched headboard complete with decorative scrolling on each side and an open-toe design. The Everett features a rustic, industrial look with burnished copper metal piping. It retails for $449.

The vintage-inspired Westchester, retailing for $499, offers a hand-applied blackened copper finish on the transitional panel bed.

Also at the Winter Las Vegas Market, FBG unveiled its sub-brand, Fashion Kids. With a dozen new bed styles, the company tapped into a new market. “Youth furniture is extremely hot right now and is expected to see double-digit growth over the next few years,” Ainsworth said.

The only upholstered youth bed, the Henley, offers footboard seating and storage bench. To complement the look, two upholstered nightstands come with the set and can be shipped packed inside the bench. Twin sizes come in denim blue or celery green and retail for $399. The headboard alone is $149 and comes in three additional colors—orchid, cloud gray and sand castle.

The Emsworth, a transitional white metal frame bed, is a modern take on the canopy bed. In the showroom, the frame, which retails for $399 in twin, was dressed with a gauzy pink canopy.

Other youth beds include Bayside ($749), a daybed with underbed storage; Amberley ($349), a feminine metal design with curved headboard and footboard and floral medallion accents; and Rylan ($249), a metal bed with vertical spindles that come in a choice of five colors: cadet blue, tomato red, shadow gray, black ink and cotton white.

Fashion Bed Group Sorrento

The brushed-brass finish of the Sorrento bed, from Carthage, Missouri-based Leggett & Platt Fashion Bed Group, adds sophisticated shine to the master bedroom.

Kingsdown: Putting Body Science to work

In its new showroom in Building C of the World Market Center, Mebane, North Carolina-based Kingsdown brought a new look to sleep science.

Kingsdown introduced its new Body Science technology, which emphasizes the way each mattress is crafted to ensure proper ergonomic support. With an in-store kiosk, Body Science guides consumers through a series of questions about body type and sleep styles to determine their best support. The results help retail sales associates guide them to a mattress that will give proper alignment. Mattresses are identified by a color attached to the foot protector.

“Our Body Science is a true differentiator in the mattress category,” said Frank Hood, Kingsdown president and chief executive officer. “We have the ability to offer consumers proper ergonomic support across our entire line based on research and data through the Sleep to Live Institute.”

In addition to unveiling Body Science, Kingsdown added five beds to its Vintage collection. Called the Vintage Collection Elite, the mattresses boast higher coil counts and natural materials, such as cotton, silk and Joma wool fiber, as well as natural latex. The 10-bed collection ranges from $1,699 to $6,000.

Kingsdown Body Science

Color-coded guides on each mattress made by Mebane, North Carolina-based Kingsdown, such as this red square, signify the type of sleep experience that a consumer can expect based on her body type and sleep style.

Customatic: Adjusting bed temperature, too

Customatic Adjustable Bedz has created a mattress that offers both heating and cooling. Called Therm-A-Sense, it has dual zones for two sleepers, and each side has two controlled regions for the upper and lower body to provide zoned temperature regulation, said Phil Sherman, managing partner of the Natick, Massachusetts-based company.

There is a proprietary heating system at the surface of the mattress, while a heat-extraction system in the foundation draws warm air downward and releases it, rapidly reducing the bed’s surface temperature. The mattress, which is set to retail for $1,599, also has a layer of memory foam with phase-change material for added temperature regulation.

Customatic also showcased a new contemporary blue logo that uses angular lines to imply “surfaces in motion.”

Customatic therm-a-sense

Phil Sherman, managing partner of Natick, Massachusetts-based Customatic Adjustable Bedz, holds a heat sensor to show how quickly Therm-A-Sense heats up and cools off.

Simmons: Stepping up Beautyrest

Mattress brand Simmons, part of Atlanta-based Serta Simmons Bedding LLC, isn’t a mattress brand, it’s a “sleep brand,” said Michelle Montgomery, vice president of marketing communications. “We are cutting through the market clutter with a new premium positioning of our brand for 2017 … with a new television advertising campaign coming in May.”

Simmons also is simplifying things by establishing a clear “1-2-3” nomenclature for talking about Beautyrest. It introduced a “better, best, luxury” step-up story that makes it easier for consumers to understand their product line, Montgomery said.

In addition, the Beautyrest Silver collection replaces Beautyrest Recharge and fills the opening “better” slot. It’s followed by Beautyrest Platinum and Beautyrest Black. Silver boasts new aesthetics and pairs a blue-and-gray microplaid border with diamond motifs in the tape-edge and top-of-bed accessories.

Beautyrest Silver Quilted retails from $699 to $1,199. Eleven models offer temperature management through a “silver-enhanced” moisture-wicking fiber, as well as an airy, resin-based fiber layer that uses silver to prevent moisture and mold. Other components include signature foams and gel foams—AirFeel Foam, AirCool Foam and GelTouch.

Beautyrest Silver Hybrid uses pocketed coil technology, DualCool memory foam containing silver and a range of other proprietary comfort layers. Five models retail from $1,399 to $1,999.

Additionally, Simmons premiered new BeautySleep models, value priced from $299 to $699, with cooling foam and pocketed coils.

Simmons Beautyrest Silver

Atlanta-based Simmons created Beautyrest Silver, a new opening collection with unique blue and gray looks, new componentry and a name that fits neatly into Beautyrest’s new luxury-brand positioning.

Spring Air: Giving enhanced support

With the reintroduction of Back Supporter and Sleep Sense and the launch of the Back Supporter Elite series, Boston-based mattress licensing group Spring Air International now has 21 models that provide comfort and support.

The newest line, the four-model Back Supporter Elite series, offers a proprietary, five-zone innerspring with narrower encased coils at the seat-edge for extra support. Each bed features Talalay latex, memory foam and other premium comfort layers. Suggested retails for the collection are $999 and $1,699. The series uses textured upholstery-style fabrics on the border.

Spring Air also relaunched the Sleep Sense Ultimate Back Supporter series dressed in blue-and-tan fabrics. It includes three all-foam beds that have Talalay latex infused with copper and four hybrid models. Prices for the line range from $1,299 to $1,999.

The flagship Back Supporter collection contains 10 models, priced from $599 to $999. This opening series, which continues to use a three-zone spring unit, now has gel memory foam and other premium foams that are well-ventilated and pressure relieving.

Nick Bates, new Spring Air president and a millennial, said one of the company’s goals is to provide services to smaller retailers to help them improve their web presence and build their online reputations. He also discussed the importance of blogging and other types of social media. “Becoming a thought leader in your category is far more important than (advertising) a $100-off sale,” he said.

Spring Air Back Support

A cutaway image printed on vinyl helps showcase the components inside Boston-based Spring Air International’s Back Supporter collection.

Reverie: Offering new angle on adjustable bases

Sleep products manufacturer Reverie, with headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, elevated its adjustable offerings by introducing the Dual Tilt Base.

Retailing for $1,999, the base has the ability to remain flat while tilting up or down (like a seesaw) at the head or foot. It also moves into a zero-gravity position (a relaxation pose with head up and legs bent and raised) meant to replicate the stress-free, reclining position assumed by astronauts during a lift-off. The base comes with wireless remote, Bluetooth control, ProGrip retention system and underbed lighting.

Reverie also introduced a method for fitting one of its legless adjustable bases into existing bedroom furniture. A low-profile stand retails for $50 and will accommodate Reverie’s 3E Tech or 4M adjustable base model—designed also to work with platform beds.

“Furniture compatibility is so important,” said Lisa Tan, chief marketing officer. “Now, you can sleep on an adjustable base without giving up your bedroom suite.”

The company also launched a new dealer portal that is more intuitive and filled with helpful information and training tools for retail sales associates, Tan said.

Reverie Dual Tilt

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based Reverie debuted the Dual Tilt Base, which enables the entire bed to tilt up or down.

Tempur-Pedic: Delivering powerful message

Tempur-Pedic, part of Lexington, Kentucky-based Tempur Sealy International Inc., celebrated its 25th anniversary with a new mattress and new branding.

With the tagline, “This Sleep is Power,” Tempur-Pedic is communicating the “life-changing sleep Tempur can give,” said Terry Brophey, vice president of integrated marketing.

The national campaign, which kicks off this month, highlights a group of Tempur-Pedic owners who sing the bed’s praises. One featured owner is a former Navy seal who slept on Tempur toppers for 10 years while in the military. He told the company about the impact Tempur-Pedic made on his focus and daily recovery, Brophey said.

Another celebration of the brand is the limited-edition Tempur-Legacy mattress, which features a soft feel with Tempur-ES material in the top comfort layer and Tempur material in the support layer. The 10-inch profile is marked with silver accents, signifying the 25th anniversary. The mattress and foundation retail for $2,499; the mattress alone is $2,299.

Tempurpedic Legacy

Tempur-Pedic, part of Lexington, Kentucky-based Tempur Sealy International Inc., debuted the limited-edition Tempur-Legacy mattress with a super-stretch cover and silver accents.

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