Protect-A-Bed Helps Retailers Sell Add-ons with "Grow the Retail Basket" Campaign

Protect-A-Bed, a Chicago-based supplier of mattresses, protection products and sleep accessories, has launched “Grow the Retail Basket,” a campaign to help its retail partners enhance their add-on accessories sales.

The Grow the Retail Basket program focuses on offering retailers assistance with store displays, marketing and training.

“We recognize that the accessory business represents untapped potential for many retailers,” said James Bell, chief executive officer. “I believe we have the formula to increase our partners’ businesses 20%, even 30%, through gains in this area.”

Protect-A-Bed President John Rachid added: “We have seen marginal increases in average unit selling price for mattresses over the last four years, and future increases are projected to shrink in the next three years. We believe retailers must increase their focus, efforts and strategies beyond just unit selling price to be successful in today’s retail market.”

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