Shifman Mattress Co. Celebrates Longtime Employees Albina Lourenco and Margarida Pereira

Newark, New Jersey-based Shifman Mattress Co. has recognized two sisters, Albina Lourenco and Margarida Pereira, for their 30 years of service as sewers at its factory headquarters in Newark, New Jersey.

Shifman Mattress owners with 2 employees inside mattress plant

Mike Hammer (left), chief executive officer of Newark, New Jersey-based Shifman Mattress Co., and Bill Hammer, president, are shown with sisters Margarida Pereira and Albina Lourenco, who recently marked their 30th anniversary at the company.

Mike Hammer, Shifman chief executive officer, recalled when he hired the women in 1986: “They started within three months of each other. At that time, we needed good help and patient people. When I purchased the company a year prior, the facilities and machines were antiquated, and we needed people who were willing to work and apply themselves. They helped change the company for the better. The direction (of Shifman has) changed tremendously because of their dedication and willingness. Margarida and Albina are great workers, and they gave me the inspiration to keep going even when it was difficult.”

When asked how she felt about her long tenure with the company, Pereira said: “We appreciate the work and the way that the owners and managers treat us. They treat us like people; they talk to us. … We have been very lucky to have such a good place to work and to have the opportunity to work for such good people all of this time.”

Shifman General Manager Phil Zucker added this commendation: “They are really hard workers and run their department leading by example. They cross train other sewing operators, are team leaders and add value to our company every day. We are very happy to have them still working here after so many years.”

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