Casper opens own stores, adds second model named the Wave

New York-based online mattress brand Casper, which launched in 2014 and has garnered considerable publicity for its one-size-fits-all single-product mattress line, has introduced a new mattress called the Wave.

casper layers_separated Casper opens own stores, adds second model named the Wave

New SKU Casper’s new five-layer Wave mattress uses open-cell comfort foams and retails for twice the price of its original one-size-fits-all mattress.

It retails for $1,850 in queen size, compared with $950 for the company’s original model. The company also is planning to open 15 temporary brick-and-mortar storefronts this year in the United States.

The higher-end Wave is described as an ergonomic sleep surface that aligns the spine and relieves pressure points. The special combination of contour-cut foams in the all-foam bed are patent pending.

The new stores are described as pop-up shops that will open this fall in major metropolitan areas and close by spring 2018. They’ll carry the company’s two mattresses and its pillow and sheet collections.

Minneapolis-based mass merchant Target sells Casper sleep accessories in its stores and Casper mattresses on its website. Previously, New York-based retailer West Elm sold the Casper mattress in its stores and on its own website.

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