Matrix Sleep smart bed launches on crowdfunding site

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Matrix Sleep has launched a smart mattress called Matrix that it says measures heart rate variability in addition to breathing, movement, stress, sleep quality and sleep cycles.

Matrix debuted Oct. 17 on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The site says the bed will be available in March 2018. The mattress, which comes with a smartphone app for storage of sleep and health statistics, retails for $1,200 in queen size.

Heart rate variability is measured in the Matrix mattress using a technique called ballistocardiography, which the company says is more accurate than sleep trackers and wearables that rely solely on movement detection. The Matrix sensors are hidden on the bottom of the 12-inch mattress and are sensitive enough to detect the user’s heartbeat through the layers, the company said in a news release.

Made in the United States, Matrix uses copper-infused memory foam and is covered with a phase-changing fabric designed to wick moisture and be cool to the touch.

“Every day our world is getting smarter and more connected,” said Gabe Dungan, chief executive officer and co-founder of Matrix Sleep. “With Matrix, your mattress will get smarter as the world gets smarter, while delivering uncompromising comfort night after night.”

Dungan also is chief executive officer of ViscoSoft, a wholesale top-of-bed, foam pillow and boxed-bed brand. He and his partners at ViscoSoft, which is a part of Skytex Inc., launched the online-only Muse boxed mattress brand in 2016.

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