5 phrases employees love to hear

Good leaders want to bring out the best in their employees. Saying a few simple words can create a positive atmosphere and lead to greater productivity.

employee satisfaction 5 phrases employees love to hear

John Brandon, in a Feb. 26 article on Inc.com, suggests using the following five phrases to encourage staff.

1. “I’m happy you’re on my team.”

“We all need that encouragement, because every person you work with is a mirror that either glows brightly or reflects a negative image,” Brandon writes.

2. “You have great potential.”

This phrase encourages development and growth, he says. Helping employees discover their full potential is one of the exciting parts of being a leader, he adds.

3. “Let’s figure out what you’re the best at.”

People want to use their strengths at work. Those who are given tasks that are confusing or too difficult soon will be unhappy and unproductive. “This coach mentality will help them see you are there to benefit them and not point out flaws,” Brandon says.

4. “The company is better with you here.”

This phrase lets employees know they’re valued. When employees feel dispensable, they usually begin looking for work elsewhere.

5. “You’re awesome.”

“Letting an employee know he or she is awesome is a simple gesture, but in two words you are saying you are thankful for that person, you appreciate their work and you want them to stick around,” Brandon writes.

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