Storis releases 9.9 version of retail software

Retail software provider Storis, headquartered in Mount Arlington, New Jersey, has released Storis 9.9, the latest version of its retail software with enhanced inventory management, logistics, financing and special-order capabilities.

“What it takes to run a retail operation across channels is changing every day,” said Dom Costantino, vice president of application development for Storis. “In 9.9, we addressed key areas of functionality across our solution that help retailers manage their inventory, supply chain and customer-facing interactions better than ever before.”

On the inventory management side of retail operations, enhancements to bulk data import processes such as product entry, image upload and electronic data interchange have been streamlined in Storis 9.9 for greater efficiency. The new features will reduce the amount of time required to maintain product descriptions and imagery for both in-store and website operations, according to Costantino.

On the logistics side, radio frequency barcode processes have been enhanced in Storis 9.9 to enable the more expedited capture of detailed product information. Calculations for vendor lead days also were extended to warehouse and store settings to optimize supply chain management.

Financing capabilities relating to both point-of-sale and online processing are another area of focus in Storis 9.9. The ability to capture separate addresses for billing, delivery and financing has been added. Retailers also can now see open balances by customer regardless of channel, enabling them to make smarter financial decisions. In addition, a new revolving payment estimator enables retailers to work more closely with customers to compare financing plans and payment options.

The latest version of Storis’ retail software also enhances the special-order process, reducing the time it takes to upload special order options and sub-options. The new software makes it easier for retailers to identify configuration options for their products.

In addition, the view and manage open orders process has been enhanced both visually and functionally in Storis 9.9.