Casper opening stores and headquarters in Canada

New York-based online mattress brand Casper is expanding in Canada with multiple stores and a new headquarters in Toronto. It also plans to begin manufacturing products in Canada.

Casper first started selling its mattresses in Canada in 2014 shortly after launching in the United States. It offers nationwide coverage with customer support and shipping across all Canadian provinces and territories.

“We’ve seen tremendous success in Canada with three years of triple-digit growth,” said Philip Krim, co-founder and chief executive officer. “Investing further in the market and expanding our local presence will enable us to bring better sleep to even more Canadians across the country.”

The first of Casper’s Canadian retail shops opened in May in Toronto. Other stores are expected to open in the coming months. Shoppers can try Casper’s full product suite in one of four miniature homes, purchase in-store to carry out, or have products delivered to their doorsteps.

“Casper has built a loyal customer base in Canada, and we’ve seen the demand to experience our products in-person grow exponentially,” said Nicole Tapscott, senior director and general manager of Casper Canada. “Putting down permanent roots with our fleet of retail stores and a headquarters in Toronto will allow us to engage with customers on a local level, as well as tap into Canada’s impressive talent base.”

Casper also has partnered with Toronto-based retailer Indigo, which has multiple stores in Canada.

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