How to improve your interviews

When hiring, you expect a candidate to come in prepared. But being prepared goes both ways.

How to improve your interviews

In a March 12 article on, former Google recruiter Kevin Grice shared his tips for companies to improve their interview process.

1. Research the person you’re interviewing.

In addition to doing the basics, such as checking out social media profiles, do a little more digging. “Looking for someone with great presentation skills? Have a search around the internet for videos of them giving professional talks,” Grice writes. “It might take a little longer, but you’ll have a better sense of who it is that you’re interviewing before they’ve even walked through the door.”

2. Recognize your unconscious biases.

A name, an address or even a university can trigger unconscious biases. “You’re never going to eliminate your biases, but you should be aware of them when drawing conclusions about a candidate’s fit for the role and the company,” he writes.

3. Don’t look for your doppelganger.

You want to hire someone you will feel good working with but that isn’t necessarily someone just like you.

4. Be present.

If you’re in interviews typing on a laptop or checking your phone, you’re giving off a distracted vibe.

5. Show some consistency.

To make the recruitment process as fair and unbiased as possible, ask candidates the same questions and in the same order. “Not only will this give each candidate an opportunity to shine, but it will be much easier for you to make a fair comparison between them all,” he writes.

6. Avoid groupthink.

“Take the time to digest what happened, write down your feedback, and only then sit down and share your thoughts with others,” Grice says.