C3 Spreads Out in New Wisconsin Warehouse

Inside C3 new warehouse in Appleton, Wisconsin
C3 Corp.’s new auxiliary warehouse and assembly plant provides plenty of storage space for the plastic films used with its popular mattress-packaging equipment.

Machinery supplier C3 Corp. has opened a second warehouse less than 10 miles from its headquarters and main warehouse in Appleton, Wisconsin.

In addition to providing more space for stocking products, spare parts and the plastic films used with its packaging equipment, the 25,000-square-foot location includes a staging area for machinery-parts assembly.

“Having the inventory on hand allows us to get the customer anything they need on a truck and delivered to them quickly,” said Joe Rossmeissl, C3 controller. “This improvement will help our customers manage their consumable and part inventory, and have a resource for when unexpected needs pop up.”

With the tagline “From Pour to Package,” C3 designs and engineers equipment for foam production and fabrication, as well as for mattress lamination and packaging. Its team of engineers assist customers in implementing factory automation and manufacturing efficiencies.