C3 Corp. Expands Plant, Adds Six Additional Employees

C3 Corp., a machinery and engineering services supplier based in Appleton, Wisconsin, hired six additional employees in the first quarter this year.

C3 expanded facility-computer rendering
C3 Corp.’s plant in Appleton, Wisconsin, has gained 18,000 square feet and six new employees.

The additions were necessary because of an 18,000-square-foot expansion to the company’s plant, C3 said in a news release. Accompanying the expansion in manufacturing space were overhead cranes, four additional assembly bays for production, and new LED-lighting and refinished flooring throughout the facility. Also new are an additional breakroom, shower unit, and more storage space, as well as a new open-concept meeting space overlooking the manufacturing floor.

New employees in the office are Dana Calmes, purchasing; Courtney Cerniglia, business development; and Ashley Van Zeeland, business analyst. Three staff members also joined the manufacturing team, including an electrician and two mechanical assemblers. Four engineers in the mechanical and electrical fields are expected to be added by year end, the company said.

“Our additional staff members have provided us the ability to move quickly with procurement, increase our manufacturing throughput and implement greater engineering execution,” said Joe Van De Hey, founder and chief executive officer. “The additional space was needed to execute our strategy toward international business.”